- bookmark manager for workgroups

    When working on projects, I often have to deal with links to various resources. Depending on the customer’s policies and preferences, these may include links to specifications, prototypes, bugtrackers, version control systems, reference materials, etc. Not always mentioned things are controlled by one system. I add links to these resources to my browser bookmarks, and so that I can navigate them normally, I create folders, thus defining the context. From time to time it becomes necessary to transfer such contexts with links to other people or teams.

    At some point, my colleagues and I thought that it’s enough to already use different crutches in the form of Google Drive. What would be great to have something like a working dashboard in which all links can be organized within the working context. And so that you can easily share such contexts with others. After manufacturing and testing the prototype, we decided to go ahead and launch a free public service. So was born . The service can serve not only as a group bookmark manager, but also serve as a corporate portal for small companies, because it allows you to create contexts that are visible to all employees. This makes it possible to organize access to the main resources used in the company (both external and internal).

    To get started, you need to register a workspace, after which you can create contexts, add links (including drag and drop) and invite other users.

    While we have certain problems with the support of mobile browsers, however, in future versions we plan to deal with them. As well as adding localization and search.

    Below are a couple of life examples.

    1) Context within the company department: 2) Context within the project working group:


    Also popular now: