Why all of a sudden began to bend their smartphones and upload photos to the Internet

    Every time a new iPhone goes on sale, users find in it some kind of flaw that instantly causes massive paranoia of epplofans and a source of lulz for everyone else. And this time the tradition was continued: users found that if you sit on your phone, it can bend. A wave of publications went on the Internet with photographs of curved sixth iPhones in the style of some LG devices, accompanied by claims that now you can bend the phone even in the front pocket of your trousers.

    So far this is not a fashion, but simply complaints: people who liked to put their phones in the back pockets of jeans and then sit in them found that with a diagonal of 5.5 inches this focus can no longer be repeated as painlessly as before, because that the phone, like a good dog, becomes like its owner. Well, in places.

    Continued: Apple replied to reports of bent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that “if you use the phones normally, then nothing will bend you”

    By going to the Watergate traditions have called the scandal "bendgeytom" ( "to bend-gate"). A whole selection of wildebeest iPhones has been published on MacRumors :

    The reasons are generally clear: the aluminum from which the iPhone cases are made is not only light in weight and pleasant to the touch, but also quite flexible metal. At the same time, iPhones themselves have become larger and thinner, which makes the task of perishing even easier.

    Since they say that iPhones are now bending in the front pockets, wearers of skinny jeans are at a particular risk.

    In search of the truth, attempts to bend the iPhone were recorded on video. Look scary:

    In general, experimentally, it was possible to prove that iPhones do bend. The good news is that they bend rather than break: all bent iPhones have retained a whole screen and performance.

    Panic is canceled

    The cult Mac site is trying to save the nerve cells of the eplofans: they posted a photo selection of smartphones of other models and brands, proving that everything is bending.

    The iPhone 5s was smaller and thicker - and still bent:

    Samsung Galaxy S4:

    Sony Xperia Z1:

    iPhone 5:

    BlackBerry Q10:

    I wonder what the owner of this HTC EVO sat on ?


    iPhone 4s

    It’s a pity, this still doesn’t answer one question: why wear tight jeans, why sit down anywhere with the phone in the back pocket? This is just uncomfortable.

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