One lost dispute, or why the Indabus service was invented

    My friend loves to travel savage. Mostly in Europe and America. At the same time, he does not drive a car and suffers from aerophobia. Understand what I'm getting at? The range of opportunities has already narrowed significantly. He also does not have much honor in trains - he says that with an ordinary intercity bus it is cheaper and the impressions are completely different. Again, its advantages in choosing the place of the main pastime - I liked the city, stayed in it longer, not really - quickly got away. Train lovers can object, of course, but everyone is satisfied in accordance with their preferences, as they like.

    But as for the buses, then he ate a dog, and maybe not one. Without exaggeration, cities in Europe and the USA where his foot has not set foot can be counted on the fingers. Perhaps he only knows at what gas stations on the Moscow-Amsterdam transfer routes there are showers with showers, or where is the cheapest way to eat on the way from Budapest to Barcelona. Information is possible and far from general use, but impressive.

    But this is a preamble. Once we had a debate with him on the topic that you can travel the same way in the endless Russian expanses. Almost with the same comfort and ability to quickly find online routes for transfers. I took a pro-Russian position, not being a special connoisseur in it (I’m just a patriot and I believe that everything is worse than ours), he flatly refused to agree with me, and no longer because of the degree of comfort on the road (“Believe me I’ve been dirtier than the toilet than at the bus station in Warsaw, I haven’t met in remote Siberia ”), but because of the impossibility of without delay, crowding in lines, or waiting for the ticket office of the provincial bus station to open on time to buy a ticket.

    -Yes how so ?! - I cried out, offended for doubts about the advancement of the motherland in this aspect, -Fully on the Internet of such sites, even with us on the platform, one of them is looking for financing.

    - Well, he may be looking, but there is no ready-made solution, I tell you. If it’s complete, find a sensible one so that you can buy tickets across Russia and the CIS to all destinations - he was calm, like a boa constrictor.

    On that, they argued on a box of Czech beer (he was leaving for Prague, at the same time he would bring a loss), and I, anticipating an easy victory, went looking. The market of online services in any particular field is quite simple to analyze (well, as I imagine it) today. To do this, just open the links of the first two pages of Google or Yandex, and those who like to compare them (like me) with both, register on all the sites found and try to make one single operation. So I did.

    The stage of selection of the results of delivery was excellent - 26 tabs crowded in my browser, preventing each other from opening, and the taste of excellent Czech beer was already clearly felt in my mouth. But things went tight: it turned out that more or less functional players in this market either in .UA or .BY, and tickets are sold mainly in their own republics, while Russian search engines for intercity bus tickets and booking services sin by parochialism - binding to their region and a narrow range of coverage. In addition, most of these sites, it turns out, simply provides information on flights, only a few allow you to book tickets, and very few give the opportunity to purchase them online with a credit card. The weak technical implementation of most of them was also noteworthy - the sites were clearly made handicraftsmen, if not in the 20th century, then probably at the very beginning of the 21st. Moreover, many of them simply did not work as expected, giving errors or hanging for half an hour on a flight search. There is no need to talk about any of them having a mobile application. In general, everything is clear. The bitterness of defeat quickly changed the taste of victory - I lost and this cannot be denied. Although, what if ... (I remembered about a similar service we have on VCStart) to nominate him as a candidate for victory? The bitterness of defeat quickly changed the taste of victory - I lost and this cannot be denied. Although, what if ... (I remembered about a similar service we have on VCStart) to nominate him as a candidate for victory? The bitterness of defeat quickly changed the taste of victory - I lost and this cannot be denied. Although, what if ... (I remembered about a similar service we have on VCStart) to nominate him as a candidate for victory?

    He opened the Indabus website (this is the name of the project), being very skeptical. But surprisingly, the service from the first steps of meeting him pleased. First of all, I didn’t see that designer archaism, the fruits of which I just shoveled over the mountains, trying to buy a ticket from point A to point B that seemed to be very close to it, and breaking off, or not discovering the purchase and payment functions on the site, or just not finding flights to the most popular destinations.

    An intelligible and fairly modern design sets it up for positive, but here I also read on the service website all sorts of informative info about destination cities - I was immediately drawn to travel. Further more. The mechanism for purchasing electronic tickets is standard. Like the services of buying airline tickets, we enter the passenger’s name, passport details, pay, print an electronic ticket. The search works as it should, and most importantly - quickly, but most of all I’ve been pleased with the variety of payment methods (there are also VM and Poison).

    The dispute, of course I won’t win with him, but it’s a pity - the service is good, but still very young, and the coverage of the directions is not enough (although the claim for globalism is felt in contrast to its competitor colleagues). Therefore, it is time to go to the station — to spend a friend, admit defeat, and ask for a beer on the way back to seize for recoil.

    But the service interested, while riding the subway, completely and completely delved into its study. And with each station he became more and more attractive to me - Indabus started a very useful business, as it turned out.

    The main goal of INDABUS.RU has set itself just a departure from what has bothered me the most in its many competitors - local isolation. Indabus, on the contrary, creates a common online space that will allow you to quickly and conveniently purchase an electronic bus ticket to anywhere in the Russian Federation. That is, the main task of the service is to collect Russian lands by creating a single bus infrastructure. I also liked the sight of a western tourist, expressed in the English version of the site - foreigners are very fond of traveling by bus. In addition, the functionality of the service itself inspires confidence, and the design is not bad. In a word, everything is fine - everything would work as it should and the guys should seriously take up promotion on the Internet. And then in the afternoon with fire they cannot be found. And it is necessary to work thoroughly on the expansion of geography. And then from Krasnodar, for example,

    It is precisely on the promotion on the Internet (and also on technical improvements and integration with carriers) that the startup plans to spend the funds received as a result of a round of financing on our collective investment platform VCStart. In exchange, Indabus is ready to give investors a share of 5 to 10% and 3% of the amount sought has already been collected. So far there are only six investors (but the trouble has begun) and one of them is my friend, who has already managed to return from wanderings.

    “It’s a really good project,” he hiccupped me blissfully during the joint destruction of my loss, taking a huge sip of “Budweiser” (by the way, on my purchased “Budweiser”, “ it turned out to be doubly useful))))

    And you know, there is no reason not to believe him. You can buy a share in the Indabus startup (and in any of the 45 currently represented) on the collective investment platform. Risk is a noble cause, and venture investment in startups is doubly noble.

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