Veeam Backup Cloud Edition released with support for Azure, Amazon, Google, HP Cloud and several other cloud platforms

    Released Veeam Backup Cloud Edition - product for backing up virtual environments VMware vSphere and the Microsoft the Hyper-the V , which allows you to back up any of the lead at the moment cloud platforms that support the OpenStack , such as Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier , Google , Rackspace, HP Cloud and several others (15 platforms in total). In such a scenario, the cloud can act as an alternative to tapes and off-site backup storage, since the average annual fault tolerance of a cloud storage such as Amazon Glacier is 99.999999999%.

    The architecture of the backup process to the cloud includes two links (see figure). First, a regular backup is performed to a locally located repository, and then a partial or full backup of the backup repository to the cloud is automatically and scheduled. During transfer and storage, backups are archived, deduplicated and encrypted using a password set by the administrator (various algorithms up to AES256 are supported), which helps to avoid information security risks associated with trust in the information security of a cloud provider.

    The administrator can set up email alerts about the status of completing backup copy jobs to the cloud. You can set a limit on the product’s consumption of cloud resources, expressed in gigabytes or in dollars. It is possible to adjust the level of consumption of Internet channel resources - both at the current moment of time and according to a schedule. This allows, for example, to adjust consumption at the level of 10% during the working hours of the company and at the level of 100% the rest of the time. The product is easy to configure in terms of working with the selected cloud platform and does not require specific technical knowledge from the user - i.e. the user can choose a cloud platform based on their economic interests, without going into the technical features of integration with it.

    Veeam Backup Cloud Editioncomes in two versions (Stadard and Enterprise) and is sold on an annual subscription, which allows customers to reduce capital investment costs and flexibly manage their operating costs, paying exactly for the amount of data stored in the cloud that he needs at the moment, having the opportunity increase or decrease operating costs as necessary.

    Learn more about Veeam Backup Cloud Edition can be read here .

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