Bluff! Bust!


    Hello my little friends. Finally, I hasten to please you and your loved ones with our new Miracle Poker !
    Today, I will tell you a fairy tale that less than two months have passed before a flock of green monkeys specially irradiated, locked in our basement , magically programmed this wonderful game!

    After the game "Krokochto" , users began to come and ask that they create a card game, but a game of chance. The robot insisted on Jack Black, with depraved girls. Yes, there is no intellectual component in it and social interaction. Therefore, we decided to write my own poker. The rules were based on the not very common poker Omaha in Russia
    . We liked the fact that it is more dynamic and more variable.

    Under heavy music, a deck of cards was drawn by the Imperial Artist.

    And the main interface.

    Next, the flasher and the Miracle Programmer proceeded to their parts of the work. And then the thriller began. Flasher has read only two Flash for Beginners books and a green one in his entire conscious life.

    The miracle programmer, although he had a systematic approach, was outrageously lazy and bothered the project project. suggestions that this functionality is "well, no way users need it."

    The project regularly called on the ruler Black Lord with the question "When?" ... In general, quiet horror ...

    In order not to go crazy, the artistic director of this shelter of the insane went to Baba Yaga, so that she removed the damage and the crown of curvature, and lo and behold. Everything worked. On that and the tale is over.

    But seriously - welcome and have fun.

    - Players with less than 20 chelobaks are not allowed into the game (beginners fill up their lack in 15 minutes of playing paintball );
    - At the table can play up to 5 people at a time;
    - The table does not close as long as it has at least 1 active participant;
    - There is the possibility of private games and invitations to friends registered on the site .
    - In case of player inactivity or loss of connection, the player is discarded from the game through 5 autostarts.

    What is supposed to be completed:
    - Sounds
    - Animation of emotions

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