The project "" is the FSB

    Social networks - it is they who determine the face of the Internet today. At least that’s the conclusion of World Wide Web experts. Overseas records are breaking MySpace and FaceBook, the Russian project, a stranger to Ukrainian users, seems to have already overcome the 10 millionth mark of registered participants.

    However, the regulars of the forum of the Internet newspaper " Fraza " have their own, special opinion about the possible flip side of such projects. They have the floor.

    pravdivets: “Officially, is a site for alumni meetings, but in fact, the site’s goal is deeper: according to the site’s data, databases are filled in for users who naively posted information about themselves. Moreover, users themselves fill in the dossier themselves. In addition to general information that is not so important in this project, users fill out information about their connections - this is precisely the information for which the FSB organized this project.

    After a series of reports on the Internet about who is behind this project, the FSB agents erupted in real hysteria in trying to hide their intentions. Everything is used: from dirty insults and hysterical screams to attempts to give this incident a shade of absurdity and to list the disclosures in the UFO section. Such behavior once again indicates that the FSB is behind the “classmates” project.

    It is worth noting that the "classmates" are far from the only project of this kind. Another project launched by the FSB: Linked-In and My World ( site). [...] It is worth noting that the FSB is not the inventor of this idea. The idea was realized long before them by the search engine in their where new users could get an email account only by receiving a link from an existing user (with this approach, a tree of acquaintances and connections is built). ”

    Uninvited guest: “We must pay tribute - not a single law has been violated in this case: users voluntarily posted information can initially be used by anyone. And the FSB, and the SBU and the CIA, and, sorry, your mistress! [...] This is your tantrum, dear man. And in general: do not place anything there and sleep peacefully! It will be necessary, they will find you anyway, believe me! And if nobody needs you and nafig, then nobody will “catch you.” Well, and finally! And why the brave SBU-shniki did not think of this? Or again to the ball - they use the product created by the Russian guys, and they don’t say thanks? After all, they use it !!! ”

    Sandor: “Only in a sore imagination can this be imagined. Because, as originally planned by FSB professionals, such a project is not suitable for analysis. It is the correct connections that are not established, but a bunch of false connections. This search engine analytics will not work. There will be rubbish. From anywhere to anywhere, a massive pile of false trajectories will be found. In other words, dummies.

    And the final processing in any situation should be carried out by people. And they will drown in this sea of ​​false connections. Why am I talking so confidently? Because he himself once dealt with trace systems. The truth is in the chips ... And the second. And what prevents the FSB from obliging all administrators of .ru domains to merge them with complete information about each client? What prevents to oblige all mail admins to submit all correspondence of clients to a certain “KGB archive”? Huh? [...] In general, bullshit PR campaign. Plain black bullshit. [...] Estimate, what kind of storage media should be used to store all this garbage? With megatons of transferred files, pictures, music, upgrades and other utterly worthless network bullshit. How is such an archive organized? ”

    SIVERJANYN: “The practice is similar to us in us. With special intelligence services ... Do not you lie? "

    john_lennin: “I also heard that this is all the work of the special services! Guys, think for yourself, it’s so convenient to control the people who registered there! There are names and surnames, addresses, a decent database comes out ... you know how many people are sitting there! ”

    Nemetz: "Yes, calm down, gentlemen, why fence the city if there are passport desks and tax numbers."

    Novorossiya: “But I deliberately avoid learning more about the virtual interlocutor than he talks about himself. This is not because I am not curious, rather, because lately I have been deliberately trying to build my own virtual world in order to come into contact with the real world as little as possible. ”

    SHENDEROVICH: “I registered on the site of“ classmates ”under the nickname Seva Mogilevich, and there were so many“ classmates ”at once! And in all corners of the globe! ”

    It seems funny to me.

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