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    Everyone has seen and knows what a wonderful title is now at the main page of Art. Lebedev Studio.

    Actually, they already wrote about this . But in the discussion for some reason there is no mention of the fact that in the source code of artlebedev.ru, after changing the header, the devil knows what is happening.

    In particular, various links constantly appear here. For instance.

    L Set for a free private training on permanent relationships
    A couple of days ago I announced a preliminary set for the training: “How to avoid resentment, quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings in a permanent relationship?”

    Lebedev's dead magazine and old Kovodstvo
    The design of this site is significantly different from what we see today on the
    official website of the Covodry websitewww.artlebedev.ru Did you

    work? We will report.
    Given that in the best of times Lebedev's studio gave me 500 unique students a day, and the last time - only 50, each visit costs money.

    Internet business. Who says people like this?
    What do people like about advertising?
    Which lighting is better: local or general?
    In the kitchen, there are also quite enough local fixtures - above the work table and sink. A great variety of luminaires suitable for this is now being sold - from fluorescent ones to those using a tube-like incandescent lamp.

    And all this is constantly updated.

    There are a couple of questions. Lebedev pockets? And how to get under the distribution? ;)

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