The rumor digest about Apple.

    Macworld San Francisco 2007 will be held very soon. Let's look at all the well-known rumors about what new Apple will present at this exhibition. Product line

    In the near future, Apple's product line will need to be substantially updated. Such an idea was prompted by users on the official Apple website update , on the main page of which flaunts “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007. "

    Long-suffering Apple iPhone.
    So much has been said about him that everyone has long been tired of it. I will not develop the topic.

    Mac Pro
    According to rumors , the 8-core Mac will be ready in January.

    Many were surprised when Apple announced in September.iTV. At Macworld, Apple Company is expected to share details.
    The first information was available in August. Then they revealed a few more "features." It is believed that at Macworld San Francisco "Leopard" will again be shown to the public, but the release is slated for spring 2007.

    New monitors.
    There were not particularly plausible rumors about Apple's new screens. Believe them or not, decide for yourself.

    iLife '07.
    Unlike most of the above innovations, updated versions of iLife are regularly shown on every Macworld San Francisco. They saythat iWork '07 will add a lot of interesting things: updates to Keynote, Pages, as well as a new spreadsheet application called Lasso .

    Rumor has it that there are three versions of iPods in development . But not necessarily show them on Macworld.

    Mac Book.
    The idea came from somewhere that Apple was going to show the new Mac in the Tablet PC form factor.

    Merging with Google.
    This is supposed to be the start of a new global multimedia content network.

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