Who was your computer in a past life?

    Of course, you will laugh (and laughter increases life expectancy), but now you can find out who your computer was in a past life!


    And here are past lives? Everything is simple here! The heart of every computer is the processor. Processors are made of silicon. But what about silicon? Silicon is the sand in the dunes, the salt of the earth, stones, rocks and the material of distant fjords.

    It is easy to imagine that from the sand of deserts trampled by the heel of Pharaoh Ramses the Second, the advanced Intel Core 2 Duo processor installed in your computer was produced. In short, karma, reincarnation, the circulation of substances in nature, everything is interconnected and not accidental - well, you understand, right? ;)

    Take a simple test, answer a few questions, hit your head on the keyboard (for users in the United States: we are not responsible for broken heads and keyboards), and the information received from other worlds is yours!

    You may not agree that your computer in a past life was Einstein, Chekhov, or the Tasmanian marsupial devil. Write your version of the test results - the authors of the five best texts sent to us by August 1 will receive a very realistic turbine alarm clock:


    Even if this story of black holes and past incarnations seems a little implausible to you, there is a reasonable grain in it. Intel really knows almost everything about computers. About their past, and even more about their future. And, perhaps, someday Intel’s processor technologies will be used by scientists to create devices for the study of black holes.

    Want to talk about it ? Welcome to the Intel Galaxy.

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