Mineshaft - online show

    Mineshaft - the idea of ​​a show with broadcasting online and on its own TV channel.

    Format: round-the-clock broadcasting of the game process with periodic final programs (day results - one and a half hour program, week results - Sat, Sun, the best moments, stories about the life of the project participants before the start of the game, advertising)

    Beginning: a group of people are tested for subsequent participation in research. At the same time, they all sign pieces of paper that they agree to carry out the experiment (the wording of this experiment is not yet available) and are not against its coverage on TV. Then they are chased for a couple of weeks on various tests and during the experiment they lose consciousness or fall asleep. Later they come to their senses in a building, the building itself is gloomy, many small rooms, corridors. Very quickly, the participants realize that this is more like an immense infinite depth bunker with trunk communications that are still partially functioning (ventilation, electricity, sewage). All other actions of the organizers of the process are aimed at developing the plot according to the script, and later according to the script created by the audience through discussion, etc.,

    In short, a mixture of show truman and games, silent hill and islands.

    The name is still technical.

    Purpose: creating an endless action long in the season, there are already achievements for the second season. Creation of an advertising platform.

    The interior depends on where the shooting will take place, in any case, everything resembles shovel corridors, rooms.

    Technologically, surveys are conducted in a specially created multi-level typesetting pavilion, with the ability to assemble and disassemble the extreme levels to simulate the endless movement of the floors of the complex.

    I’ll post the storyline later; now it’s under development.

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