The myth of the average price on the site

    Often you hear “you know, the Pionersitostroy office offered us the same thing , but three times cheaper” or “we did a marketing research here ( yeah, research, nothing more, nothing less - comment by a blogger ), your price is much higher average. ”

    No average site price

    There is no "average price" on a site, just as there is no average price for a car. Take, for example, the Bentley, Ford, and the rusty Zaporozhets 20 years ago.

    A Bentley will cost several hundred thousand euros (and still there will be a queue), the new Focuses will be sold for twenty thousand, and the rusty trough will be given to you for free and will be paid extra for export. It would never occur to anyone to appeal to the “average price”. But when choosing a site developer - it comes, although the "average price for a site" is the same nonsense as "the average temperature in the hospital."

    And what about the website creation market? Pionersitostroy studio, which hires students for a couple of hundred a month, will make a "site" for $ 1000, Vasya Pupkin - for 100 bucks and beer, and a normal studio that contains a staff of qualified developers will ask for at least 4— 6 thousand euros.

    The product of labor of Pionersaitostroy, Plagiarism Design, numerous Vas, and normal studios is called a site. Formally, this is so, because both there and there are main and internal pages, a news feed, even some kind of stray for editing. What is not a site?

    But here’s the thing: on some sites the pictures were stolen or taken with a “digital soap box”, and on others such photos that I want to touch the goods right away, try and buy.

    On some sites, the announcement of the news is stupidly wholly driven into a link, and visitors see dozens of rippling underlined lines, and on others, links are neatly delivered with meaningful phrases.

    Some sites load only after you kick the programmer, and crawl in different browsers, while others work smoothly and quickly.

    As a result, some sites are embarrassed to show that the “saved” 4-6 thousand dollars turn out to be thrown out by a thousand bucks and the devil knows how many lost customers. Others - pay off and make a profit.

    The same thing, but three times cheaper

    You need to understand that the "site for a thousand bucks" and the site for 5-10 thousand are  different sites. There is no “same”, but three times cheaper.

    This simple truth cannot be mastered by those who are used to saving on their faces and who do not see the difference between marketing expenses and  investments in it.

    The original is in our blog , other articles on this subject will appear soon.

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