Apple shop

    Finally, Apple's gaze fell on the Russian market. Tomorrow in the "European" opens the first Apple Shop in Moscow. This is an official representative office, though in a “shop-in-shop” format - it will be under the wing of the “White Wind” store in Russia, but, according to rumors, all consultants have undergone “branded” Apple training; iPods. The next step is the big Apple Store, we are also looking forward to it.

    I must say that Apple’s penetration of the market sometimes changes the balance of power on it quite well. For example, the other day during the shooting of the program “Live Environment” dedicated to Twitter, one of the arguments of Twitter fans was exactly what is very convenient for users of iPhones to write there, and read from there. And, accordingly, the more widely used iPhones become, the more popular Twitter will be, to the detriment of “macroblogs”. And this, accordingly, the redistribution of communication budgets, changing the schemes of working with the audience, which will certainly affect the Internet market.

    And how do you like the news about the first official representation of Apple? Do you consider this a landmark event?

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