IT AS IS (contest results)

    Hello, Habr!
    A week ago, I promised that I would freely post my book “IT AS IS” and give three copies to the most witty habrauser. Under the cut the competition results and a download link.

    Best commentary

    With the best comment, everything is simple - this one with the biggest green number next to it. The author of this comment is Sterhel . Congratulations!

    Best abbreviation

    There are a lot of interesting options for decoding the abbreviation STARTUP (or S.T.A.R.T.A.P.). Perhaps I will give them all.

    Today I Created And Work Current Aligned Under the table
    Saturday Required Alcohol. The Intelligent Creator Actively Embarked on the Hardest
    Analogue of the Work: Actively
    Plowing the Starichok is Required, You Are the Hellish Man Writing the
    Complicated Creation of Active Thinking, the Alternative Talent of Coming Up
    Startup - The Troupe of Ambitious Guys Creates the Actual Project
    Sex.Tobacco.Alcohol.Routine.Trendgeger. (everyone has his own vision of a startup, yeah)
    Authorities will tell you - Work, You are the Author of Victory! Scary to Create an Astrolet? - Work, There Maybe Lucky. The Hardest Absolute Calculation - Your Aluminum Machine Gun.(in the spirit of Mayakovsky)
    A bunch Talented Adventurers opting Create Arhiinnovatsionny Project
    Prongs Troubadour anecdote amused Turkish Acrobat Peter (elegant, but it seems that fans of the absurd is not so much)
    Star Tracing Arrangement the Restrictive Technologies' Under Ping An (I do not understand what I mean)

    Cool option was given in contact: “Simple Technology Advanced Remote Training and User Programming is a project that allows people to implement any knowledge and skills, ideas and tasks (initially it allowed people to get new knowledge, learn professions, etc., or get live zombies).” Very cool though there is no evidence that this exists in reality.

    But the best option seemed to me from the user Mezomish: “A Doubtful Creative Adventure For the Trillions of American Presidents.” A book will come to him, cheers!


    It was necessary to explain what AIG 1846 means. These are the options that were obtained.

    Artificial Intellect of Google
    Artifical Internet Ghost
    African Intellectual Gits
    Another Internet Goose
    AIG is the abbreviation Answer Is God, and 1846 is the birth year of Maria Theresa.
    Answers in Genesis, 18:46
    And-inverter graph
    AIG - he is AIG aka American International Group. And 1846 is the year the Gen Re company was founded .
    1846 - like a year a good interpretation, but 18:46 is better. This is not the time. The Quran fits into the logic of the stuffing. Surf 18 ayah 46. (proof )
    AIG is not an American International Group, it is Answers in Genesis (Answers in origin, origin of answers - approx. Free translation).

    An interesting option from the contact:
    AIG may be the airport code for Yalinga in Central Africa, and 18:46 is the departure time. There seems to be no number 1846 in the Russian Federation

    The user RouR gave the correct answer : “Since you mentioned one little-known work, I looked for what was written in 1846. - “Who is to blame?” - a novel in two parts of Alexander Ivanovich Herzen of 1846. No wonder that in SMS the phrase "The answer to your question is ready."

    Download for free

    As promised, I am posting the book for free access to the Kroogi website: Dmitry Lipkind IT AS IS free download without SMS (I recommend downloading pdf immediately). I would also like to thank the technical support of this site and personally Artyom Levik and Ksenia Lomazova. This is the first time in my life that technical support has written to the user with the words: “It seems that something is not working out for you. Let me help you figure it out. ”

    And for lovers of real-world objects, here is a link to buy a paper version: .

    You can deposit to me on the site Kroogi or to one of the following accounts:
    • WebMoney (WMZ) Z308373224874
    • WebMoney (WMR) R316631716963
    • Yandex Money 41001416912882

    Thanks! And of course everyone a happy holiday !

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