SALT: smart beacon protects wallet and phone

    The problem of losing smartphones and wallets is one of the most relevant for residents of modern cities. A smartphone is one of the things that people most often forget: in a taxi, in a cafe, at a party and at work. A wallet is forgotten less often, but losing a wallet is an even more unpleasant event than losing a smartphone.

    Now various kinds of devices are used, which allow tracking the location of the object on which such a device is mounted. We are talking about beacons that signal when a user is removed a certain distance. SALT developers went even further, their device, in addition to tracking the location of the thing in which this beacon is located, performs a number of operations with the smartphone if it is removed from the beacon by a certain distance.

    SALT features

    This gadget is an advanced beacon for which a corresponding mobile application has been created. The beacon is not so small, but it is designed to protect and search for a limited number of things. More precisely, this is a wallet and a smartphone.

    SALT looks like a credit card, with a unique number identifying the card on the front side of the card. Inside - a battery that lasts for battery life for a year and a radio signal generator with a Bluetooth module.

    SALT also comes with a mobile phone application. When you remove the card from the smartphone at a distance of about 10 meters, the phone is blocked. You can unlock it using the PIN. The developers claim that such a scheme helps protect the phone from the prying hands of colleagues / relatives, in case the phone is left unattended.

    At the same time, you can block the phone as a whole, or simply block access to some applications (for example, SMS, email).

    If a person has forgotten not a phone, but a wallet or purse, with SALT inside, then when removing a short distance (we left the cafe and left a little) the phone will warn the user by showing where the gadget / wallet is now. When you move a few meters, a person will have time to return before someone has time to pocket a wallet, in the truest sense of the word.

    Where could I buy?

    Now manufacturers are raising funds on Kickstarter, and if the amount of $ 50 thousand is collected, the gadget will go on sale in early 2015 at a price of $ 15.

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