New habracat broke old semantics and exclamation marks

    1. The old habrakat worked it looked like this ...

    And after the redesign of the site it looks like this
    ( that way )

    I don’t want to argue about how worse and how better. But I want to argue that the change should not have affected the existing (my) topics, in which the semantically cohesive text with the habracat turned out to be visually torn. I think that this affected many who were not too lazy to put text, so that there was no boring " read more ".

    There is a distortion of the author's text. I will have to change all my old topics if this is not fixed.

    2. Bonus feature bug. What the hell are two exclamation points turning into three ?! (I scored two.) I do not want three, I want just two! I wish strong exclamation, but I do not want to be mistaken for imbecile! This kind of AutoCorrect is definitely harmful . (Like almost any AutoCorrect, however.).

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