Zend PHP 5 Certification Practice Test

    Not so long ago, namely in October 2010, Zend slightly updated the certification system of PHP5 engineers. So, if earlier testing was carried out according to version 5.1, now it is carried out according to 5.3 (hello namespaces, late static bindings and closures). Testing topics were reorganized - instead of 12 old ones, now there are 10. And most importantly, preparatory tests were removed from the Zend Market. Previously, they could be purchased in quantities of 1, 5 or 10 pieces for relatively modest money (10 cost about $ 22). Now, instead of them, for a pretty sickly sum of $ 1000, you can buy the so-called Test Prep: Zend PHP 5.3 Certification Training(preparatory online-training for advanced php-programmers) and a test voucher. Speaking of a voucher ... if for version 5.1 it cost $ 125, now the price has been raised to $ 195.

    I collected 90 questions from one of the very preparatory tests that have now been removed from the Zend Store into one PDF-ku (you can download the PDF from here ). Maybe someone will find this useful. For example, to prepare for certification, or to conduct interviews ... well, or just read it before bedtime :) Spelling and punctuation of questions have been saved, so if there is a typo where, it means that it was in the preparatory online tests. From myself, I can add that I personally didn’t get so many during the final testing of questions under version 5.3 (somewhere around 10-15 percent of the total number of questions).

    And quite recently, Zend began to distribute “perpetual” development licenses for Zend Studio and Zend Server products to all of its ZCEs. Well, of course, all the old ZCE buns also remained, namely the profile in Zend PHP Yellow Pages, an invitation to a special group on Linkedin and discounts on various PHP conferences.

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