"Enemies of the people" massive multi-user socio-political platform

    This idea has been ripening for me for almost two years. The first thought arose as a reaction to the growing tension in the socio-political system at the height of the crisis, when the office middle class suddenly remembered the existence of the state and politics.

    Elevator pitch - 30 seconds to say the main thing.

    In almost any on-line community, a kind of “political corner” arises, a place where people argue, discuss or abuse the authorities, politicians and life. The essence of the idea is to collect all these discussions and debates in one place. Make “Habrahabr on politics” by summarizing the LJ experience, Wikileaks and MMORPG involvement methods. The ultimate goal of the idea is to create a new channel of communication between active representatives of society and those who make decisions. And start with the game.

    Cool? Then a loosely structured stream of consciousness awaits you further.


    The impetus was this article . In the first edition, I conditionally called my idea “ democracy of killers ”. It was supposed that a site would be created on which people would give a black or white mark against politicians or sensational criminals. One of the high-profile crimes happened before my eyes, it’s about Alexander Mazwho shot down a woman on a pedestrian "security island". However, I understood that, on the one hand, the concept itself is defiantly rigid, on the other hand, I did not see people who would get involved in working with topics on the verge of a foul. In two years the situation has changed a lot. Navalny's blog spun up, Rospil appeared. The “seaside partisans” broke out and went out, the “Arab revolutions” showed the real price of “stability” without the possibility of change. Discussion of the Skolkovo Foundation website showed that a whole layer of constructively-minded people with an active lifestyle was born. And the authorities, albeit ineptly, but are looking for reasons for interaction. For such people I publish a description of the project " Enemies of the People " or, if completely neutral, " Voice of the People "

    The project synthesizes the proven methods of MMORPG, Web 2.0 and social networks in an extremely popular, but surprisingly empty niche of “electronic politics”. Next comes pure vision .


    Outwardly, the project was made with humor and laid-back jokes; inside it works like a game, but actual, it is a real political platform for generation i (internet).

    This is the site. Closed community. " Citizens " or " voters " are registered on the site . Citizens can unite in movements (parties, guilds). The main goal is to identify "enemies of the people" and "friends of the people", as well as "victory in the elections."

    Any character can be declared an enemy or friend of the people, from Mickey Mouse to a public politician. However, for a character to become one, he must go a difficult way in ratings with a plus or minus sign, i.e. to be really famous.

    Each project participant can make a career (leveling) At the initial level, the citizen's task is to participate in discussions (rating for comments) and recruit new members (network marketing). The higher the rating, the more opportunities a citizen opens up. For example, he can become a lawyer or prosecutor and, accordingly, introduce new characters to the court.

    An important feature of the project is that all participants are required to vote in the monthly / annual elections. If they do not vote and do not show “civic” activity, then gradually lose all earned opportunities (except for officially appointed posts)

    Rating algorithms need to be considered, as an example of revealing the idea I will give one of the options. (At this point, my thought spreads so much on the tree that I rewrite a piece of text after each reading).

    From the main page we have access to three top ribbons - Enemies , Friends and Debates , as well as a separate chart of "well-known" characters - Glavchart (such as the president or Mikhalkov).

    Debate is a daily feed for articles from party feeds. Enemies and Friends are charts, or rather the minus and plus tail of the tape, where new characters arrive, as well as fresh accusatory and laudatory posts about well-known characters from the main chart. Top bad and good characters are displayed in monthly votes. Each citizen of the people gets the opportunity to vote for each candidate who fell into the tape once a month by putting him + or - . The winners of the monthly charts fit into the main chart. Very quickly, popular characters will go to the main chart, its highest meaning is monitoring the mood of society.

    New candidates get into a discussion tape by the principle of Habr - rated from party blogs. Also in the project are automatically created party blogs for each party (clan).

    Inside the party blog, only party members can vote, and the leader of the party, by voluntary decision, can establish access rules. Either make it open to the Internet, or closed. The chapter can also allow membership in other guilds or put a ban. The guild leader assigns a hierarchy of access rights. Leaving the guild is a voluntary matter; various conditions can be imposed on the entrance to the guild (for example, a certain rating or approval of party members with a certain status). In addition to enemies / friends, you can publish any information on blogs.

    Voting is a purely voluntary matter. By the principle of social networks, you can keep a list of candidates in the open profile, whose fate you want to influence with votes, he is also a reminder.

    Each citizen has a history of his transitions to the guilds and obtaining statuses - a public dossier. So fight with spies and shifters. (What an expanse for mathematical Internet sociology!)

    Any citizen who has reached a certain level gets the opportunity to write lawyer or prosecutor posts on the character’s blog. A higher level is to create characters, an even higher level is to create parties. Recruits are engaged in the favorite business of all recruits - shit in comments.

    The main intrigue of the project is the monthly party elections held, say, on the last weekend of the month. This is an analogue of guild wars in MMORPG (the most interesting is who does not know). Participation in the elections is voluntary, but the voters put a plus in the rating, those who did not vote put a minus. When going to a deep minus, a participant can achieve account freezing, this is clearing of ballast. In the elections, all the skill mobilized in campaigning for their party and pouring mud on opponents to attract voters to their side. All entertainment methods are also used to attract passive voters. Casino, blackjack ...?

    What gives a victory in the election? A set of intangible buns. This is essentially a battle for respect. For example, for the top 3 parties a strip is allocated for political manifestos in proportion to their share in the vote. Remember the debate feed on the main page? This is there. Members of the winning party are given the opportunity to be marked with a special badge everywhere. Also, participants in the winner party receive a doubled power when voting for characters. You can come up with many interesting opportunities, such as appointing a president, supreme judge, issuing an order (by the type of honorary statuses on the habr), etc.

    The ruling party does not get any advantages in the next election, this maintains a balance of power. Thus, in order to achieve the goal of declaring a friend or enemy of the people, a group of participants has an incentive to maximize the sympathy of voters and win elections. A virtual model of real democracy.

    Goals and all that

    I can assume that the presence of the gaming component and “social pumping” will lead to the rapid development of the project. Unlike existing games, this project should combine the game, virtuality and reality and become a battery of real information from different sources. The project can replace the chaotic LiveJournal, as well as become a repository of political information - a kind of crowdsourcing Wikileaks and compromising.ru. It should initially be designed and built to solve serious problems. Perhaps the first serious online game will appear on it. The monthly voting results of thousands, and possibly millions of users (also painted with party affiliation), will become the most reliable indicator of public sentiment. They will be quoted by newspapers, and the manifestos from the blogs of the top parties will be revered by the supreme leaders.

    I believe that the goal of this project is inspiring enough to interest many people, so I support any discussion of the idea.

    Now about the serious

    Long before the publication of this post, I had a meeting with aliens who convinced me of my mission. They do not want to intervene directly in the politics of earthlings, but they want to direct in the right direction. For this purpose, my cast on habrhabr.ru was carried out and at the same time the rating calculation algorithm was changed to make it easier to take first place and implement the idea. Perhaps especially odious characters from the ranking of enemies, aliens will incinerate with a blue ray. But this is just my assumption, this was not directly spoken about.

    I have already negotiated with some intelligence agencies regarding the financing of the project. It is very convenient for them when all political dissidents are gathered in one place. Representatives of the Arab countries were especially interested. Unfortunately, the CIA could not be interested in, because according to them, they once agreed to finance Mark Zuckenberg at $ 100 per user. Now the US Congress is forced to adopt a law to reduce the budget deficit in order to pay for this agreement.

    A strong team is needed for the project. A lot of people ... a lot! But, no more than 50, because it simply does not fit in google apps anymore.

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