Blind set - paper mode

Good day, Habr. As you guessed from the name, this article will focus on blind dialing. More precisely, how to master it easily and naturally, in a simple and even strange way that I accidentally came up with. But first, briefly about what is blind set and how this skill is useful.

Blind typing is the entry of textual information through input, while using all of the fingers, regardless of the keyboard. Everything is clear here, now about the merits of such a skill. There are two main advantages:
● speed - using all your fingers, the speed of typing increases significantly, of course, provided that you already had enough practice;
● attention - you can fully concentrate on the monitor screen without lowering your head to find the desired character.

In order to disclose your method, you first need to say about the first two, in my opinion, the most popular.

The first and simplest is to put your fingers in a row (pointing to F and J) and just try to print using all ten, but the disadvantage is that you do not have any frames and no one (or nothing) checks the correct execution. Also, at the first attempts, many will experience inconvenience and simply switch to the way they typed earlier (looking at the keyboard, not all fingers are used).

The next method is already more complicated , but at the same time effective - using special sites that have very useful functions that monitor your printing, you can choose different layouts, check your typing speed and others. This method is quite useful, but inconveniencein that he requires special attention. You will have to devote half an hour to an hour on a website every day, an hour a day, and this is actually not so easy, because it quickly bothers. It becomes very boring and I want to quit. It’s like writing a compendium on a topic that you don’t like, you need to write it, but you are not interested in the material itself and your brain freezes from boring and monotonous work.

The third method , which I want to share with you, combines the advantages of the first two , while it has no minuses (although it may have, but I did not find them).

But, you need to say a few words about which finger, which areas to cover. So, I’ll say briefly and clearly that you can print in a fairly free format, the main thing is that one condition is met - thisinvolving all ten fingers . Under the “free format” I have to introduce that it is not necessary to print strictly from the pictures that you find or which you will be given as a layout on websites (you yourself probably know all this). For example, in Fig. 1, the little finger is responsible for the Z key, but, for example, it’s convenient for me to press Z with the ring finger (respectively, X is the middle finger and C is the index finger) and there are no problems.

Figure 1

I also ask you to pay attention to Figure 2, according to which I, in fact, print. So, it is not in vain that the areas of the index fingers are combined on it , because I think it does not matter with which (left or right) finger to press 6 or B (as well as a space), all the same, both index fingers will be involved.

Figure 2

Well and finallyabout the method itself . Everything is simple here, it consists in the fact that to highlight the areas we need, we simply use cut paper ribbons . On my shabby, but favorite keyboard, it looks something like this (Fig. 3). We have partitions that prevent our fingers from clicking on the wrong buttons. There are also a couple of nuances, such as selecting the height of our ribbons and highlighting the desired areas, but here everything is individual.

Figure 3


So it turns out what was mentioned above, we kill two other birds with one stone:

  • there is an element of control that makes sure that our fingers press the necessary keys (paper partitions);
  • No need to engage in monotonous training on sites.

Of course, not everything is so simple, at first your fingers will go where you don’t need to, but our barriers will not let us do it. In a few days, your fingers will get used to it and you’ll be pretty good at typing into the blind, but then it’s about speed.

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