Creation of a company. Exit Comfort Zone

    Who creates the company? Investor The initiator (the carrier of the idea)? Or is it a contractor who performs the very real actions without which the creation of a company would be physically impossible? This question also applies to the new product of an existing company, or, in another way, to the expansion of the business. Who is the beginning of a successful organization? When you read this publication to the end, you may have an answer to the question of what needs to be done to realize your (even the most ambitious) desires and how this relates to the comfort zone.
    So, if we consider individually each member of the project-founder of the business, you can see that not one of them will create (expand) one or another business, acting in isolation from another partner. Based on this, it is logical to assume that a group of people creates a business: someone comes up with (creates) an idea, a correct business plan is drawn up by a competent executor, and an investor is found who finances the project. The perfect circuit, isn't it? What prevents it from being implemented?
    One notorious author in the field of improving business efficiency Yitzhak Adizes to achieve the ultimate goal, regardless of its type, identifies 4 types of people (project managers):

    1) Manager - MANUFACTURER

    2) Manager - ADMINISTRATOR

    3) Manager - ENTREPRENEUR

    4) The head is INTEGRATOR

    And yet, how does the comfort zone intersect with the types of project managers during its implementation? See the answer below.

    If we analyze the above chain of creation (expansion) of the business “Idea → plan → financing → implementation”, then one cannot but notice the critical role of each member of the company's management. The entrepreneur possesses the idea (he justifies why a new project will bring profit), the administrator organizes the system, the manufacturer solves applied issues, and the integrator unites all members under one head. That is, without this or that leader, the project will be a priori stillborn: if there is no idea (entrepreneur), then obviously there is no project. If there is no administrator, then there will be no competent planning and systematization, which will lead to chaos. If there is no producer (executor), then the whole idea will remain at the level of plans. And, perhaps the most controversial element, is the integrator leader. Without it, a team of the above-mentioned members will be lonely talents, which individually will be much more effective than with joint interaction. In other words, the integrator brings people together and tries to make their work more efficient with cooperation.

    That is, we see that the project will be implemented and will bring profit if all four types of leaders are united under one principle. It looks pretty pretty on paper and is easy to implement in large projects, where investment and payback are not always a primary indicator. It is much more difficult to implement this chain “Idea → plan → financing → implementation” of a new company, or a company without serious indicators in the market. What, then, should be done by an entrepreneur who cannot decide to launch his project? We finally got to the main idea of ​​the article. For entrepreneurship, it is vital to leave the comfort zone and make sure that the right people also leave their zones.

    How is it shown? Imagine that you are at your main job and you have an excellent idea for a new business. Do you think that, for example, a new type of sushi delivery will bring you profit. Or do you know that a local pizzeria makes pizza not tasty enough and you can easily create a company whose main difference is making pizza according to an old Italian recipe, which you will bring personally with a cook from Italy. That is, when you are at work, where all thoughts are focused on productivity and ingenuity, an idea that you like is born in your head. My examples above can be replaced by any one that has crossed your mind over the past few years, even with the craziest. The idea (desire) to live in your head does not require any investments (and you need to use it) and has the right to exist.

    But then the inexplicable happens. You come home from work, and all thoughts of a new company disappear at the sight of a hungry cat, a fresh Vkontakte news feed, for some reason a leaky pipe in the kitchen ... Domestic problems can be predictable or not very, but the atmosphere for creating your enterprise is lost in this everyday routine, in this old comfort zone, when solving everyday problems already seems like success in life. A familiar situation, isn't it? Unfortunately, these are only imaginary successes. I asked many of my friends who, in my opinion, are smart enough and competent to create their own enterprise, whether they are ready to create their own business now and what prevents them from doing this. And the answer was often that now there is no money or there is too little of it. However, I asked again: that is, sometimes you thought that you can do this or that business, but then you returned home, faced with everyday problems and thoughts about your company faded into the background? The respondents' eyes lit up for a second, then they bashfully lowered them down and said with sadness that this is the reason that stops them from an entrepreneurial career. And the lack of money is a vivid and very affordable excuse.

    We conclude. In the absolute majority of cases, productive activities to create your own company require a constant working atmosphere, especially for a new company, where its participants are not yet fully known. Not many have managed to create their own company sitting in a comfortable home chair, and these cases are only exceptions than the rule. It is important to leave your comfort zone, and do it better in the company of like-minded people.

    Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you doubt whether it is realistic to open your own business? Great, I see that you have a desire. Decide which goals will help you realize this desire, and solve the problem of setting goals to achieve these goals. All that currently bothers you is your comfort zone, which strangles your entrepreneurial efforts. Get out of it and take along the people you need.

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