Android OS in 2014 gave Runet 64% of traffic

    Android mobile operating system is becoming more popular. In October-December last year, Russian sites with the Yandex.Metrica counter installed received 64% of the traffic from Android smartphones. Due to the growing popularity of Android, Yandex is gradually giving away part of the search market for Google, RBC reports .

    In 2014, the share of traffic with Android OS increased significantly, but other OSs lost some positions during this time (in the case of Java, Symbian and Bada) or remained at their previous positions (iOS and Windows Phone).

    As for mobile traffic to Russian sites with the Yandex.Metrica counter installed, over the past year the volume of such traffic has increased one and a half times (from 9% to 15%). About 68% of Russian users in 2014 at least once a month accessed the Internet using their mobile devices. Last year, the same indicator was 56%.

    As for the shares of mobile traffic, Android comes in first with 64%, iOS comes in second with 8%, Windows Phone in third with 3%. The remaining 5% was split between Java, Symbian and Bada.

    Currently, Google’s search share in the Russian market is constantly growing due to an increase in the number of users of Android mobile devices. So, in March 2015, the share of Yandex in Runet was only 34.3%, while the share of Google was 64.4%. Last March, Yandex owned a share of 40.4%, and Google - 58%.

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