Sol 752: "live" panorama of Mars from the hills of Paramp

    As you know, the Curiosity rover does not stand still. Not so long ago, the NASA special committee strictly recommended the rover team to use the rig more and the chassis less, but the rover still pretty quickly moved towards the ultimate goal of his journey (main mission) - Mount Sharp.

    This mountain is located in the very center of Gale Crater, and at its foot are the hills of Paramp, the outcrops of the rocks of Mars. This region is of great interest to scientists, including geologists, since research at this place will help to understand the geological structure of the entire block, which forms a significant part of the Sharpe Mountain.

    The already known photographer Andrei Bodrov made another panorama of the place where the rover was only a few days ago.

    These are just the hills of Paramp that scientists are so interested in. Well, but we had the opportunity to study the panorama of the region, made up of 136 images (the Habraparser does not allow embed-code insert). Traditionally, the width of the panorama is 30 thousand pixels.

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