The first Walkman with a touchscreen

    Sony plans to unveil new Walkman player models with 16 and 32 GB memory at CES 2009, and these will be the most advanced Sony players to date. It was previously known, and now information has been confirmed that they will have WiFi support. Now, new information has appeared that Sony first implemented a touchscreen in these players. And not simple, but on a huge three-inch OLED screen with a contrast level of about 10,000: 1.

    As you know, the color rendering quality of OLED is much better than conventional LCD displays, so the new player should make a splash.

    Of the interesting features are FM radio, downloading video clips from YouTube of the artist whose music you are listening to (one click on the artist’s name in the playlist), its own interface for YouTube videos, subscribing to podcasts and video feeds, support for the H.264 video codec, digital filter S-Master for noise reduction during sound reproduction. There will also be a normal browser (most likely with flash support).

    via Sony Insider

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