Did, did, and now share the results

    imageA few months ago, we started developing the tyndr.ru alcohol club and we can now show the results of our work, but first things first.

    The idea of ​​creating was in the air and it flew to me a little over a year ago. The fact is that I have a fairly positive attitude towards alcohol myself and wanted to do something at least for my use - alcohol accounting. Just to know how much money it takes me to do this thing, and then the “creative” turned on and off and on: the consumption forecast for any date in the future, the method of associations (the money that I spent are decomposed into possible other purchases) and it stuck by itself “Communication” - blogs, clubs, gifts, ratings, video section, a call to the site and more.

    After I shared my thoughts with friends and generally conducted something like a social survey, I realized that the idea has a right to exist and the search began for a team that could realize all these ideas.

    The task was not the easiest one, as a result, some comrades simply decided to throw money (the question still remains open), met great guys from Kiev, and as a result, we worked together with a cool team from St. Petersburg.

    Now we have done a lot, but there are even more plans (a mobile version, a party calculator, we’ll finish the base of clubs / bars in Moscow and St. Petersburg, a call to the site can be linked to a profile, a recommendation system, etc.). Now we still have shoals and we would like for you to help us become even better :)

    Very soon, we’ll launch a cool New Year’s flash game - we promise it will be very important, topical, festive and ... well, you’ll see for yourself! We are also actively searching for the Tyndr.TV leading to our video section - a fragment of one casting is already available on the site :)

    Why are there only invites now? It’s just that your opinion is very important for us and we plan to open “wide” only after the approval of invited friends!

    UPD 12/23/2008 We
    opened the site to the public ( Thanks to everyone who pointed out the mistakes - you helped us a lot!) And launched the New Year’s surprise - the game " Undress the Snow Maiden! " :)

    By the way, we also organized a contest with friends from Red Bull Redbull? "For the best cocktail - a box of 20 cans of Red Bull is waiting for the winner;)

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