You will not be a hero if you are a developer

    Few can become a hero in this world, but these guys have succeeded. Seriously, I want to tell you about the most stubborn people whom we invited to speak at our small, cozy conference. Because we suddenly realized that these people come to listen not to learn about the new technology and development frontier (although about it too), but just to see what and how the developer can achieve in his life.

    After all, someone is sitting and sawing a piece of faceless corporate code, and someone nearby at the same time manages to become famous throughout the world. Here, for example, Andrey Panginfrom classmates. He suddenly did Java as such, then sawed compilers in Orakle. And now it sits in the heart of the Group and commits from there to the open source libraries that are responsible for high-speed data entry. And he wrote the async-profiler - this is one of two world-class profilers for Java.

    We also called the guy who wrote the second profiler. In general, while someone is sitting in a bank and sawing billing, someone has time to collect garbage collector for Red Hat and become famous. In its own way.

    Now I will show more stubborn people.

    Here are the details about the report of Andrew . It will open the VM Runtime block.

    And here he is

    Actually, the second guy is Marcus Hirt (Hirt) , one of the authors of Java Flight Recorder, who actually invented all this and wrote. He now works in Oracle. Judging by the corporate market, he is the author of the world's best tool for analyzing Java applications. He also has a blogvery interesting, but not very readable. In Russia, will perform for the first time. He created the JRockit JVM. He lives like a playboy: he writes music, plunges with scuba diving and generally behaves like a noble master of computer science and engineering from the Royal Technical Institute of Stockholm. He will tell, of course, fierce, useless hardcore. There will be about 600 people in the hall (a little over a third of the conference), but only 50 of them will fully understand it. And you will see: it was not crawling at all that he was telling, but he would write in feedback that it was very cool. We checked for several years on such reports. This is because it is - a living standard, where to develop the developer. Here is the report .

    A photo

    The next block is architecture and frameworks.

    Architecture and Framework Section

    Evgeny BorisovI started writing in Java in 2001, and I have been using hardcore for 17 years. Actually, he quickly grew from a developer to an architect, managed to get bogged down and went to become free artists. He doesn't work for anyone at all, doesn't promote anyone, he just sits and gutts Spring. And this spring-ripper with experience will talk about guts, non-obvious features and generally chop the uterus from the stage. It seems that no one knows Spring better. And this is useful because it tells not only how it works inside, but also what influences your code from this. And how to write it better. He also noted that one of his trainings tickets ended before advertising began. He now has fun with J2EE live courses for Israeli army officers, reads WebEx Spring for Romanians, Hibernate for Canadians, Troubleshooting and Design Patterns - for Ukrainians. The man-legend in a narrow circle of limited persons. Here isa report .

    A photo

    The second dude, no less famous in the world - Long Joe (Josh Long) from Pivotal. He is just corporate to the bone, but he works at Pivotal, and they are just doing Spring. If anyone does not know, this is the most popular Java framework for the enterprise in the world. Approximately 40 percent of our Joker members are sawing something in the spring. He talks about how kosyachat middley and how not to make a fabra of monkeys on the project. Although, all the same, he is one-on-one with this factory: the qualifications of the average developer are not very high, especially where only money remains from motivation. That is, in banks, for example. He also wrote five books, recorded a bunch of video training, a lot of commitors to open source (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin). Here is the report .

    A photo

    Although these two seem to be antagonists in everything, they are very much like characters. Both are very sociable in a personal relationship. And positive. Long Joe is surprisingly not at all like a corporate person. He is the same guy in a t-shirt who manages the men in his jackets.

    Languages ​​section

    Nikolay Parlog - such a media guy who does reviews on Java features. But he is not from Oracle, so the reviews are surprisingly frank and understandable. Sometimes after them someone is fired, but rarely. Nikolai will talk about the future of Java, which will be in the new version. He is good at telling about trends and in general about the big world. He is a very well-read and erudite fellow. Even simple reports are pleasant to listen to, all the time you learn something new. At the same time, Nikolay knows beyond what he tells. That is, you can come to any report and just enjoy, even if this is not your topic at all. He is teaching. He wrote “The Java Module System” for Manning publishers, blogs on software development on, and has long been involved in several open source projects. You can hire him right at the conference, he is a freelancer. True, very expensive freelancer. Here isa report .

    A photo

    Tagir Valeev from JetBrains is a legendary man, because he can answer the most intricate questions that other speakers make up so that no one will answer them. He is a straight boom squared. On Habré he lanyand he has a huge pile of posts. The leader of the hub in Java. He also throws patches in OpenJDK and develops the open source library StreamEx. Very cool and respected, because I found a lot of bugs and made a lot of suggestions to the Stream API - this is a daily use for many people in the world. That is, it contributes to the Java that everyone uses. He understands what he is talking about, knows how to perfectly argue his choice, explains in a very logical and accessible way. Often, in response to a commit, it explains how you can do the same thing much cooler and cleaner, for which we love many, because it directly raises the level of developers by a factor of two, changing the way of thinking. Here is the report .

    A photo

    Andrei Breslav took and wrote Kotlin. He currently works at JetBrains and is engaged in both language design and general project management. He is the chief architect of the language and the leader of the movement. Not many dudes wrote a language that Google took as their native language for Android. And he could. Andrei loves answering questions. And the answer is gorgeous. On reports, he often spends a lot of time on the answers, and this is a real celebration. Come ask questions and enjoy.

    A photo

    Section best practices (about patterns and tools)

    John McClean , also known as John McClin, is an architect at Oath. He seems to be the best in the world in functional programming in Java. This is usually applicable to Haskell, this rarely happens in live projects. But he, with his working hands, wrote a library about functional programming and supports it. Understands the functional, like a god. He crossed the incomprehensible with Dzhava and shows how it is necessary and not necessary to do on this platform. And how it works. And where is the best. There are not so many finished libraries of this class, so there is something to discuss with it. It actively supports cyclops-react (functional and reactive structures) and micro-server (plug-in in the system for building microservices in Spring and Spring Boot). Here is the report .

    A photo

    Another uporoty guy - Robert Scholte (Robert Scholte), the maven maker. He is so cool that he did not enter the section, and we created a section specifically for him. Maven is the largest tool for building projects, and everyone needs it. More precisely, the instrument itself is needed by everyone, and Maven is the largest in the world. This is a huge shit, unrealistically popular. Now there are several bodies that are trying to move her, but she still has no equal in the enterprise. He still personally drags the project. Happens, a dude created 20 years ago and doesn’t really touch him. And he is already 10 years in a row at the helm. He was one of the members of the JSR 376 expert group, also known as the Jigsaw project, and more than others contributed support for Java 9+ functions. Practice The only thing is that for some reason he sends every time a photo with a face in the spirit: “Hey, boy, do you have any seeds?” You don’t have to be afraid of him: he is much friendlier on the reports than on the photo. Here isa report .

    A photo

    Ага, так и знал, что вы развернёте этот спойлер!

    You are next (actually not)

    Just come. It's like a kick in the ass, only kind. We looked, were impressed and made them all. The main thing - to understand that they are the same people as we all. It’s just that they once spent the extra 10 minutes trying to take and make some sudden crazy idea. And in fact, there is no serious gap between senior-developers and heroes.

    Of course, other speakers did not make the list. They are not so stubborn, but everyone has an interesting story behind them. Here you can see the rest of the program . Do you want to tell the next post about the rest?

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