Ubuntu Smartphone RTM Released (For Manufacturers)

    ubuntu touch

    The first smartphones on Ubuntu should appear a little later this year, at a price of 200-400 US dollars. The development of the mobile version of Ubuntu took quite a while, but everyone could follow this process (or even participate in it).

    New releases of the mobile version of Ubuntu come out with enviable regularity, and some users put such releases on their mobile devices, reporting the normal (or problematic, there were also options) operation of a particular version of the distribution.

    Now, the Canonical team, responsible for developing the mobile version of Ubuntu, has announced the release of the RTM release (ready to manufacturer), which means the willingness of mobile Ubuntu to be used by mobile device manufacturers.

    "Mobile Ubuntu" has been significantly improved, with sharpening for devices with a touch screen and the corresponding interface features. Various notifications, the home screen and mobile versions of applications are created from scratch.

    The current release fixes many shortcomings of previous versions, including support for Facebook chat notifications, interface improvements, and more.

    You can download the release from here - Ubuntu-RTM / 14.09 . In addition, there are other versions of the release that are not yet approved.

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