Guess the game mobile app

    Not so long ago, we wrote about our first attempt to test ourselves as developers / publishers of a mobile application . Caught in the backstage of the publishing business, we had to not only use the skills acquired over the years of work in the field of localization, but also actively study the features of monetization and promotion of applications.

    Initially, the project was aimed only at participating in the GDC Europe exhibition, however we plan to release the application on GooglePlay in the near future. Everyone can install “Guess the game” on an Android device and test their level of game erudition at several levels: “for survival” (playing until the first error), playing up to three errors (more gentle mode), and for a while (you need to get maximum number of responses in a short period of time). There will also be an opportunity to test yourself in various game genres and categories.

    Currently, the application is in the final stages of development, and in a month and a half, we plan to launch beta testing. If you are interested in joining the project, we will be glad to cooperate! To do this, just write to us  and declare your initiative. When the project is ready for testing, we will send a download link to your email. Thus, you will have the opportunity to go through all the levels first and not only evaluate the application, but also influence its development!

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