How we help startups

    It was like that.

    Airbnb began with the rental of three mattresses, and after six years, having accumulated $ 10 billion of investments, the project itself contributes to the development of new startups. How many resources are needed to start an IT business, if you have a well-coordinated team and remote work skills? Fast internet and comfortable housing may not be all you need, but you can’t do without it. Having rented your home in one corner of the world, you can start working with a team on any part of the globe. The difference is put in your pocket, and as a bonus, a place is chosen next to large start-up parties.

    Garage coworking spaces and cheap basement offices are good. In my own way. But a young startup sometimes needs more than just a piece of material space, protected from wind and rain. Most apartments are more spacious than the average hotel room. In the apartments you can live and work at the same time, there is a kitchen, a washing machine, and some owners allow you to keep pets. And prices. At first, the incomes of startups are minimal, many refuse to get paid, trying to save on any trifles. A house in the backwater for one team can save several thousand dollars a month. One of the most unusual places to stay is a 1 square meter house.

    Creative environment? Ability to communicate with other entrepreneurs? Travel, after all, because the code written on the road always turns out to be a little special. Such thoughts came to many. We know dozens (without exaggeration) of cases when startups chose Airbnb as ... we don’t want to say symbionts, but close to that.

    The one who thinks not of himself wins. Startups are actively booking private housing, in large part because they like the idea of ​​share economy when people use the services of other people. It seems that you can earn money according to this scheme in only one way - to rent out separate rooms in your own castle or just a sofa in the living room, and to live in a dugout yourself or put a yurt in the far north. In this case, you will need to invite the photographer to your beautiful castle, answer the questions of the guests, honestly fill in all the profile information on the site. Blackbox Accelerate is a real accelerator in a startup-mansion in Silicon Valley, adapted for long-term residence and work.

    Success stories are built on different patterns, but the most popular scheme looks like this: you have a home and a desire to travel. The Englishman Graham Hughes traveled to 201 countries of the world in 4 years without using air transport. Money for the trip was given to him by relatives and friends. It is difficult to imagine how much over the years a traveler could earn by renting a house. We know stories of tens of thousands of euros in profit in a short time. But the point, of course, is not the way to get money. The main thing is the opportunity to do what you love, using the principles of the economics of life to be ungrounded.

    Airbnb did not come up with the economy of the future, but made a contribution to the process that changes our ideas about things that can be monetized. When traveling, you are afraid to leave your pets unattended, and flowers without water - here is an idea for a startup, let there be a service for looking after animals and flowers. After the guests need cleaning the apartment - this will be done by specially trained people who will save you time and money. There are services that provide the ability to leave keys for guests if you are unavailable. All of these companies may not be affiliated with Airbnb, but use a similar ideology - the sharing of resources accumulated by people. The services of the economy of the future allow everyone to do microentrepreneurship. We see how articles appearing on the network “

    "How to Make Money with Airbnb and How it Helped My Startup " with similar thoughts as twins. The compatriots quickly mastered the material - stories beginning as “Moved to San Francisco and a two-room apartment remained free” and ending with the words “As of today, I have received 70+ wonderful guests in Kiev, San Francisco and Sevastopol and earned a little more with Airbnb $ 40,000 ”( ), continue to appear, fueled by hype in the real estate market. As you understand, we support such business models.

    Some owners are so deeply immersed in the process that they themselves organize startups. We were pleased to learn about the existence of 18 startups.that emerged from the operation of the simple Airbnb model. The ideas underlying the service of renting each other out of the scope of rental real estate, spread around the world and affected many other areas of activity.

    Airbnb helps businesses directly. Business travel is an extremely conservative direction of business tourism, because employees of companies traditionally follow certain corporate policies that require working only with specific hotel operators or booking systems. The rules are dictated by the adopted security policy and an established worldview, which we are gradually starting to influence.

    In the summer of 2014, a special section for business trips was created.. In the new service, lists of housing options are moderated and verified for local Wi-Fi, reservation monitoring systems (to avoid double sales) and privacy of premises (guarantee that there will be no outsiders). The search for suitable venues for holding informal meetings with partners and clients is also available. A very useful feature when you need to decide on a venue for a conference, brainstorming or team work.

    The environment of professionals always remains tough and demanding in terms of ease of use of the service. Therefore, interaction with it leads to the formation of a single quality standard in all corners of the world. It is really important for us to know how travelers, for whom a change of scenery is an additional incentive to work, perceive our service. Therefore, we have prepared a special section for habrausers ( ) with tests, prizes and a live cat. Drop by and share your opinion in the comments.

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