Review: 3D scanning of real estate premises

    Due to the great competition in the real estate market, agents are constantly looking for ways to highlight their ads. Photos and videos already surprise no one. A new direction to illustrate the properties - 3D-tours. Plots made with the help of 3D-scanning help to perceive the whole space. The image is obtained absolutely identical to what the person sees in the scanned room.

    What is a 3D tour

    3D scanning is a way to visualize an object from all sides. During the 3D tour of the apartment or office, you can move in any direction and learn the smallest details. The leader in creating 3D models of real estate is Matterport technology. Three viewing options are possible: in the tour mode, “moving” around the object manually or automatically, in the form of a “dollhouse” and in the format of a floor plan.



    Floor or mixed plan.

    You can watch both from the monitor and through the VR-headset , starting with the simplest Google Cardboard.

    Links to examples - further in the article.

    Matterport Pro 2


    • Camera resolution: 134.2 MP;
    • Scanning area: 3,600 (horizontal) and 3,000 (vertical);
    • Work time: up to 8 hours;
    • Charging time: 4.5 hours;
    • Shooting speed 1 panorama: 20 seconds;
    • Maximum distance to the object: 4.5 m;
    • Weight: 3.4 kg;
    • Interface: Wi-Fi;
    • Price: 554 273 ₽

    Panoramic camera Matterport shoots detailed images of the object from different angles, then a 3D plan is glued together in the cloud service. Image resolution - 134.2 MP. Built-in GPS camera is responsible for the accuracy of determining the location of the scanned space and orientation to the cardinal points.

    Where 3D scanning is used

    • Sale of residential and commercial real estate. Walking around the property using a 3D tour is a way to save time when choosing a property: you can view the options at any time and from any device.
    • Reservation of premises for rent. People all over the world are planning a vacation via the Internet. 3D technology is a good way to demonstrate real estate from all sides, so that the tenant does not give up later.
    • Booking of premises for corporate events. A 3D tour of the restaurant or country club allows you to plan the whole holiday from the comfort of your home: seating guests, exiting artists, places for taking pictures.
    • In planning, during construction and repair.

    • In the presentation of hotels, shopping and entertainment centers and other public places to attract visitors.

    In a museum , for example.


    This is an American rental resource. The real estate database contains more than 4 million objects. The company added a 3D tour feature in early 2015.

    According to Matt Baker, marketing director, 3D-tours have significantly increased the flow of customers:

    “Only in the Atlanta region have we doubled the number of leads. Based on these results and the positive feedback from our partners, I think that we made the right decision to use this feature. ”

    According to the site:

    - Visitors spend 3 times more time on the site, studying 3D-tours;
    - Interest in 3D-objects is 49% higher than in objects with photo and video.

    Carpenter Realtors

    Carpenter Realtors is one of the top 100 real estate firms in the US according to“Real Estate News”. Her employees say that introducing 3D tours helps attract more trained buyers and reduces the cost of unnecessary live shows.

    3D tour of the house in Indiana.

    Innovation also helped form a team of professionals.

    “The fact that the company remains one of the most technologically advanced real estate agencies in the market helps us attract and retain the best agents,

    ” says marketing director Jim Newel.


    This Russian company designs and builds the houses of the future - futuristic dome-shaped buildings. Bearing internal walls in the building there, so the space is massive. For customers who find it difficult to imagine this, the site presents 3D tours of already completed projects.

    3D tour of the skydom in the Queen.

    33 elephants

    Digital Real Estate Agency - a resource for the sale and rental of real estate, which conducts all operations remotely. The client can make the selection of options independently with the help of 3D excursions.

    3D tour of the townhouse in the residential complex Riga Quarter.

    Apple Real Estate

    Agency works in the elite real estate market of Moscow and Moscow region and provides comprehensive services for the selection of housing for rent and purchase. Among the company's clients are PJSC Sberbank, Beeline, the embassies of Israel, Thailand and Brazil. To save customers time, the company offers 3D tours of objects.

    3D tour of the two-level apartment on Tverskoy Boulevard.


    The company develops projects of wooden restaurants, hotels and houses "turnkey". She built the tallest wooden office building in Russia. To give customers an idea of ​​the result of the project, the site presents complete options in the form of 3D models.

    3D tour on an individual project based on KD-225.

    Kalinka Group

    Kalinka Realty is engaged in the sale and rental of luxury real estate. “We strive to provide maximum comfort - and in achieving this goal, modern technologies constantly prove their effectiveness,” the company representatives say.

    For exploring the best offers on the site are 3D-tours of 26 objects.

    Floor Plan of the apartment on Smolensky Boulevard 24.


    Service Kapou specializes in providing venues for corporate events. Thanks to the introduction of 3D tours, the time that customers spend on the site has increased 4.5 times, and the number of pages viewed is 2 times.

    3D tour of the restaurant in Chicago.


    is an international company that specializes in vacation rentals. The company began to introduce 3D scanning of objects in 2015.

    Wakasa encourages the use of this technology: if the owner of the object has created a 3D tour, his ad will be sampled on the site more often.

    Wakasa specialists note that due to 3D models, the time that visitors spend on the site has increased by 15%.

    3D tour of the “Deer House” in Charleston.


    In December 2017, the company announced its intention to introduce 3D tours on its website.

    "Virtual reality allows you to move the travel planning process to a new level ... 3D scanning capabilities allow the traveler to enter the house and study it before booking," the

    company said in a press release.

    Delta Hotels

    Visualization of premises using 3D-scanning began to be applied and hotels.

    In January 2018, the Delta Hotels chain, owned by Mariott Holding, announced that it would be the first hotel chain where all the apartments will be presented with 3D tours .

    “Among the many meetings and events, it is sometimes difficult to personally visit and check the facility, now you can know exactly what you are going to buy,

    ” says Greg Durrer, brand leader of Delta Hotels.

    Hotel "Shelter pandas"

    To attract guests, 3D-tours are resorted not only to large networks, but also small family hotels.

    Hotel "Priyut Panda" is located in the Olympic winter village in Sochi and is designed for economy class visitors.

    3D tour of the Panda’s Shelter Hotel.


    Real estate advertising with 3D tours in the west has been used for several years. In Russia, this direction is only beginning to develop and is used mainly for advertising premium offers.

    The main advantages of using 3D models when working with real estate objects are:

    - Increased attention to the ad;

    - Accessibility for viewing 24/7;

    - Saving agent and client time;

    - Increase customer loyalty.

    Given that 3D scanning of premises in the real estate market in Russia has not yet become a massive marketing ploy, we can assume that real estate agencies that are the first to introduce this technology will get the maximum economic effect.

    You can get detailed information about the principles of 3D-scanning of premises and order equipment from the specialists of Top 3D Shop .

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