Fresh update for Nokia X2 released

    Good news for owners of Nokia X2 - last week, the next update under the number began its distribution.

    There are a lot of pleasant changes: a new camera application, an updated application store, new personalization options and ... wait for it ... even support for Gmail (mail and contacts). But first things first.

    Enhanced Camera App

    The Camera application has become both externally and functionally reminiscent of the Nokia Camera for Lumia.

    So, for example, a new Smart-mode appeared, providing great opportunities for burst shooting. This feature will be useful when the user needs to reveal their creative abilities or to be completely sure that they will get a good shot.

    The “smart” shooting mode has three options: “Best photo”, “Motion” and “Focus on movement”. The first of them makes a series of 7 pictures and allows you to choose the most successful of them. “Motion” automatically detects a moving object on each frame and suggests combining them (all or some of them at the user's choice) into one picture with preserving the general background. An example of how this option works can be seen in the picture above. “Focus on motion” will help to highlight the subject, automatically applying the effect of “motion blur” to the secondary elements. At the same time, users will be able to choose both the most successful frame with the subject and the degree of blurriness of the background.

    Sync, cloud and note taking

    Now all users of Nokia X2 have access to 15 GB of OneDrive cloud storage, where you can upload photos and documents so as not to fill the internal memory of the phone. The smartphone comes preloaded with OneNote, which allows you to synchronize up to 500 notes.

    Some good news for those who want to access full-fledged editing of office documents: in the 1Mobile application store (recall, Nokia X / X2 now supports working with various application stores) you can download the full package of Microsoft Office Mobile.

    Another nice surprise for Gmail account owners will be the basic support for synchronizing contacts and mail.


    To the delight of lovers of maximizing the customization of devices for themselves, we have significantly expanded the possibilities of customization.

    Users were able to dilute the usual tiles with widgets (native and bundled with third-party applications), as well as set the background of their choice for the Fastlane event screen, start desktop, list of applications and lock screen. In addition, support for “live wallpapers” (animated backgrounds) that respond to user actions has appeared.

    Nokia X2 will notify users of the availability of the update (and in Russia it is already available). You can also do this in manual mode by going to “Settings” -> “About phone” -> “Updates” and clicking “Check”.

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