The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 70 developer (on September 8-14)

    Of course, this week's news is mostly related to Apple. The company presented two new iPhones, a Pay mobile wallet and a Watch, updated its developer portal, started accepting iOS 8 apps, launched TestFlight and new mobile analytics. But besides this there is an interesting story of the opening of a mobile development studio in St. Petersburg, a new case from PapaBubaDiop , rumors about the purchase of Mojang and the sale of Unity.

    Live streaming Apple presentation

    In total, we have: two new iPhones on steroids, two watch models with many design options (both outside and inside), the new Apple Pay payment system (which will still work very soon in Russia) and the announced release date for the new iOS8.

    Free Software Foundation and Defective By Design Statements Regarding Apple's Latest Press Conference

    The Free Software Foundation encourages users to avoid all Apple products in the interests of their own freedom and the freedom of their loved ones.

    As we were looking for an investor, from scratch we created a company to develop mobile applications in St. Petersburg and ... the mistakes we made

    Looking back at the article, after writing it, I see that it turned out quite a bit of text (about 18 pages in a word), but I hope that what is said will be useful. Colleagues advised breaking the document into parts, but it seems to me that a complete narrative, covering a period of just over a year, will provide a more complete picture of the development of the company.

    How to easily make Navigation Drawer and tabs used in popular applications from Google

    Below I want to talk about how you can still implement the Navigation Drawer pattern along with tabs, as in popular applications from Google.



    Windows phone



    Marketing and monetization



    Worst of the Wicked

    Last week’s digest . If I missed something in the search for updates - send it to the mail, I will quickly add it.

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