Azure Business Talks technology talk show - not just about Azure, but about clouds in general

    We have heard many times about clouds, cloud businesses, start-ups, that the cloud has already entered our lives - but so far we have done either technological events for specialists or a business without crossing these two areas with virtual space and interactivity.
    Want to know why the number of companies using the cloud is growing rapidly? Why are cloud solutions good and dangerous? Who, when and why are they needed?

    Microsoft hosts the first technology talk show, to which we invited many experts and representatives of the existing business in various fields, from game studios (JoyBits) and developers of tools for the business ecosystem (FreshOffice) to corporate heavyweights (Kaspersky Lab). Microsoft experts will talk about the technological foundations - including from the site architect of the Sochi Olympic Games.

    We will invite companies and startups using the cloud to the studio and discuss the most popular cloud usage scenarios, as well as demonstrate examples of their implementation. Within one day, without leaving the borders of our city and home (office, cafe, cottage), we will discuss together:

    ∙ Why do the most innovative companies choose the Cloud?
    ∙ How can cloud solutions save up to 20% on business capital expenditures?
    ∙ Cloud "rake" or what not to expect from the Cloud?

    But the main thing - this time we will not only talk, we will listen much more, and listen to you! You can become a real participant in a virtual event - take part in contests and discussions and receive prizes right during the event, and also try to build the tallest tower in the world through the cloud - Burj Khalifa, which reaches 828 meters! Prizes await participants.

    Join our first technology talk show Azure Business Talks , it will not be the way we did before.

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