How to go to hackathons if you have problems with alcohol, overweight, communication and, in general, if you are an IT specialist

    He was 15 minutes late with the deployment.

    Who does not know, a hackathon is an awesome way to work on the weekend as well. Only one 48-hour day, only work, one project and one result, a sea of ​​new experience and a lot of new connections, plus knowledge-knowledge-knowledge.

    45 identical hackathons for ecology around the world will start tomorrow evening. We spend our Russian # hack4good in #tceh coworking, because it's cool, a holiday and generally a great company.

    Why hackathons - Kirill Chuvakov (our resident, participated and organized in over9000 hackathons)

    “Briefly: the first hackathon turned my life upside down - I started to start up. At one of the hackathons, we made a prototype of the project, which we have been doing for six months. This is a huge number of dating. In general, a hackathon is about a process - partying, competition, local jokes, unusual views on problems. ”

    What it is

    Hackathon is a short event. Here is what our CTO Misha says: “Come, find a team. From the last, I only remembered that we came, sat down, took out laptops and coded something with rapture. The guys say I drank about five liters of coffee. ” Actually, this is what happens. The true spirit of Open Source.

    What will be with us

    There are 15 environmental issues. For example, “Visual Visualization” - you need to create a convincing visualization of climate models and interactions to solve some applied problem. Or the "Emergency Plan" - applications and tools for responding to floods, storms, forest fires and so on.

    Social tasks, energy, motivation to plant trees, gamification of reforestation is a lot of things. You select a theme and make an application or tool for it. At the end of the deployment under a strict deadline and prizes. Plus, if something cool (and cool always happens) is the real use of WWF.


    What to do

    Dmitry Kabanov, our mentor, the organizer of Launch48 in Russia, advises this:

    Come on Friday at 19:00. The topic is ecology, there are 15 tasks. Look at the tasks, get acquainted, tell ideas, if any. There will be a special presenter who will not let you get lost if the idea is good, but you do not dare to explain it at all.

    The WWF guys will be in place, they will give feedback on ideas, they will be able to suggest and adjust something in terms of applicability and statistics. There will be a video connection from Geeklist - a speech from the project representative. They connect to each participating city separately. At the end of the evening, we form teams. And we begin to code.

    Mentors are the tastiest

    On Saturday morning, mentors begin to catch up - guys with experience. Alexei Poimtsev from Progress Engine, who understands Ruby and integrations. Grigory Sitnin is the head of mobile and web development teams in various projects from TEDx Moscow to My-Apps. Valentin Dombrovsky - co-organizer of Moscow Django. Anna Guncheva is the leader in web and mobile development at Dream Industries. Mikhail Asavkin is CTO Photozeen and one of the founders of UX Club. Tatyana Smetanina is an expert on strategic technologies at Microsoft.

    You can ask them any questions, and they are trying with all their might to direct you on the right path - the product, customization, code, usability.


    Mentors are the most important part for gaining experience. At the hackathon in 2 days you can check out some idea that will then give you an understanding of the business. Take, run, ask questions to specialists. Get a lively, focused, and concrete hands-on experience. Very cool. The main thing - even if you know what to do exactly, still find at least 15 minutes and ask the mentor. Useful

    Team . The team is new. It's just a wild drive, if you work together: the skills of working in a group, and observing how others work, and generally useful experience both in code and in a joint project. It is important not to ruin the team, about it a little lower.

    Do not change the horse on the second day. We went to the hackathon - right away, discuss the concept right in advance. And do not look at others, time is running out. Even if you make a mistake, it’s not scary, because a hackathon is only one long day, and gives experience as six months.

    The toilet, water, food, cleanliness and relaxation are very important . Of course, the scale of luxury can vary, but it's still worth checking before you start, plus, maybe, take convenient things, a thermos.

    Communication . So many developers are hard to come across elsewhere. Even if you accidentally cross paths in the kitchen, there will be something interesting, definitely. For this we love hackathons.

    How to make a hackathon, practice of Gregory Sitnin

    Tells: “We are going to do a program. Threesomes. I hit the border between Nizhny and Moscow three times for the hackathon, one person actually coded, and the third turned out to be a beginner - with regard to the team, we trained him in parallel. He thought he would code, but could not write code at normal speed, and he did not know the approaches.
    We were synchronized (this is when via Skype voice), but we did a lot of things for a long time - we discussed, experimented. As a result, we uploaded code upload to the server for 15 minutes. While deployed, the hackathon ended ... 

    But it was necessary: ​​one follows and keeps the development plan in mind, two code. "

    Tips by Alexei Poymtsev

    “I came to PayPal-hackathon, but the dudes with whom I participated fell apart in the middle of the night - the guys changed their minds. It is very important what kind of team was going. In the 11th year I participated in Codforkantry, took 3rd place, I did all the development, the rest kicked ...

    The team needs to be driven, the success of the project depends on it. 4 people - the ideal: design, backend, frontend, product generator of ideas (the idea should be cool from the very beginning). Mentors: we need diverse specialists - if they cannot close any direction, why are they? ”


    Coffee beans, unlimited. Food - we feed, but not a buffet, if someone needs a lot of sweets - it is better to take a little with you. Shower, we regularly change towels there. Outlets are all over coworking, even in sofas. Kitchen. Wi-Fi for a hundred. Electrified tables - from 4 to 10 people. Two chillouts. Punching bag and horizontal bar. Lockers for things, laptops fit. All of this is 800 square meters with stunning views of Yauza, the place is between Taganskaya and Kursk.

    What to do, cap?

    Write a code that finds real application. Languages ​​- any. At least with the winner, the project gets real application in a large organization with a crowd of fans.

    Should I come if I still do not understand everything?

    Yes, on Friday we are just determined, we start coding on hardcore who on Saturday in the morning, and who immediately, if we stay with us for the night. There will be many developers with excellent practical experience, many strange people, a holiday atmosphere and a sea of ​​experience. Seriously, it's like a festival and an autistic party at the same time.

    Come, it will be cool. And there will be something to remember. Here is the link , there are all the details.

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