The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 69 developer (on September 1-7)

    In many ways, this week's news is related to Apple - the leak of celebrity photos and an investigation into this matter, preparations for the upcoming conference on Tuesday with updating tools, forecasts of what will happen in the new iPhone. In addition, the virus for Android, how mobile advertising works, the first smartphone with a curved display from Samsung - in the weekly digest.

    * The picture taken by rootes was used as a poster

    ICloud photo leak

    Candid photos of Jennifer Lawrence and dozens of other celebrities leaked through iCloudApple fixed an important vulnerability in iCloudApple: iCloud had nothing to do with it, celebrities fell victim to targeted attacksLeaked private photos of celebrities: a detailed investigation by an Australian developerApple will enhance the security of iCloud

    Personal photos of some celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Grande were posted by an anonymous hacker on 4Chan. Apparently, leaks became possible due to hacking accounts from the Apple iCloud cloud storage, into which information from all Apple devices is automatically copied, which most users do not even think about.

    0day vulnerability in iOS apps: Gmail, Google+ and FB Messenger

    I spend my nights reading documentation and testing a wide variety of applications and services. One night I just read the documentation on tel links, because I was delighted with the old technologies that were used so far, their shortcomings and the fact that people never read the RFC, which leads them to RTFM PWNAGE (as I used to call).

    SMS virus for Android OS or “Hello :) You have a photo ...”

    The sender was a person with whom I haven’t been talking for some time. After watching the test message and dismissing the phone with the words "Another spam", I further plunged into work. Everything would be fine, but after a couple of minutes a similar message arrived on the second phone (Samsung Galaxy Gio). The sender number was the same.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization



    Worst of the Wicked
    • There were no gadgets in mobile development in a week.

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