Google’s “death control” project will receive a $ 1.5 billion research center

    Not so long ago, the Calico project, a subsidiary of Google, was founded on Habré, founded to study the issues of longevity and to combat various kinds of age-related diseases. It seems that the project receives fresh blood in the form of a large amount of funds, namely, one and a half billion dollars.

    All this money will be invested not only by Google, but also by a new partner company: pharmaceutical giant from Chicago AbbVie.

    Each of the partners will first invest $ 250 million into the project, with a further opportunity to report another $ 500 million. All this money will be used to create a new research center in San Francisco. According to the plan, a large team of scientists will work in this center, the purpose of which is to get new medicines for age-related diseases.

    At AbbVie, the main objective is the clinical trials of new drugs, with the further release of these drugs on the market. According to Calico project management, the partnership with AbbVie offers the broadest opportunities for further work of the entire project.

    It is worth recalling that the Calico project itself was announced by Google management as a means of "curing death." Now the project’s objectives have become clearer, and the methods that will be used to achieve the main goal have also become clearer: the creation of new drugs to cure or prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, cancer and other diseases.

    Via theverge

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