Epson Moverio BT-200 Glasses Application Market (September, 2014)

Articles about augmented reality glasses Epson Moverio unexpectedly interested me - at least some news about hardware with Android, different from dull "bricks" with growing diagonals. And since “just Android”, I wanted to try to program something for them.


I must say right away that I don’t have a device, but in the publications the manufacturer’s representatives eloquently write that everything is very simple - there’s an ordinary Android. Specifications that have already been written about can be found on the manufacturer’s website .

The axis there is declared v.4.0.4, a screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, with their usual density of 160 dpi, only landscape orientation.

The main thing that needs to be considered by the application developer is that the black color in the applications will be transparent, background.

The site surprised me with its wretchedness: there are exactly 30 applications in the market, including instructions for the device, and it all looks like in the 90s of the 20th century - see the title picture, which must be very “eye-catching”. Description of applications with a poke on the icon also looks "attractive":


It seems that the site is entirely made in Java and JavaScript. Static links to the application do not seem to get.

The developer’s console is also minimalistic, but that’s why it hurts a little less:


Right in the corner are links to agreements and rules that applications must comply with, documents in old-school static HTML. If you gape, then the site navigation is interrupted by a page with a timeout message.

Requirements for the added applications are markedly different from the requirements of the Google Play Market: on the one hand, it’s simpler, since there is less information required, on the other hand, the Japanese require you to provide a .DOCX file with a checklist manually filled out by the developer (!) For each change in the application or publication of a new one. Just like in the native tax office, although they are slowly redoing their software closer to the "mind".


Localization of applications is required only in English, but native Japanese authors can also be entered immediately. Other description languages ​​are proposed to be entered simply in one common field, one below the other.


I tried to adapt my one old program, invented back in 2009 and made for Win Mobile 5 \ 6, and then ported to Android (voice GPS-navigator) for the device’s screen, made screenshots and an icon according to the new requirements, and now I’m waiting for some the result of sending it for consideration.

But the main goal of the post is that, it turns out, for an attempt to sell their paid applications in this "market", the PayPal business account is required from the developer. That is corporate. Which is only for legal entities (or IP). Where the type of business should be clearly described and the account may be closed if there is a suspicion from PayPal.

Thus, it seems to me that individuals-programmers, unlike the conditions of Google, do not have much interest in becoming developers for this platform Epson. And they really hope, organizing a contest in which I also risk participating in my programmatic work. But the external unattractiveness of the website, in my opinion, plays against the developers, in general, a very interesting piece of hardware. It would be interesting to hear from Epson representatives.

Thank you for your attention, maybe someone will be useful.

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