We invite you to the meeting GO.PITER

    October 5 Mail.Ru Group organizes Go Meetup. Let's talk about Go 2, listen and discuss why we created zenrpc, find out how in “Yule.Avto” solved the tasks of exporting and importing data. We invite everyone who solves work tasks on Go, writes his own pet-projects and is interested in updating the language.

    Participation in the mitap is free, registration is required.


    18:00 - 19:00 - Gathering participants, registration

    19:00 - 19:10 - Welcome speech

    19:10 - 19:40 - "kitchen talk about the go playlist 2" Valentin Dubrovsky, Mail.Ru Group
    in the late summer of core -Go team posted Go 2 drafts and invited the community to participate in the improvement of the ideas that were described in the drafts. In the report, we will discuss these concepts, consider the improvements and alternative ideas proposed by the community.

    19:40 - 20:10 - “Design philosophy of the service API by the example of zenrpc”, Alexey Boyko, SEMrush
    There are many approaches to designing a specific service API in the world. At this stage, many issues need to be addressed: applicability, extensibility, ease of use, ease of integration, etc. In my presentation, I want to share the solutions that we apply in SEMrush. and tell us why we created zenrpc.

    20:10 - 20:40 - "service export data Evolution", Alexander Shchukin, Mail.Ru Group
    Quite often there is a problem in export / import data, the exchange of information from both internal and with external services. I will talk about how we solved this problem, which cones stuffed on the way to the current version, and how the environment affects the product itself.

    20:40 - Pizza and Networking.

    To participate register. Do not forget to take a passport or driver's license.

    Collection of participants and registration : 18:30.
    Beginning of reports : 19:00.
    Approximate end of the event : 21:00.
    Address : St. Petersburg, st. Kherson 12-14, 1st floor, cafe Any Day.

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