New technology can revolutionize outerwear

    The invention of the small American company Voormi may in the near future make the same revolution in clothing that the inventors of Gore-Tex technology forty years ago did in their time . A new technology called Core Construction allows you to make a single-layer, lightweight and comfortable outerwear that does not get wet, but allows the skin to “breathe”.

    The inventors of Gore-Tex, Wilbert and Robert Gore, in 1969, learned how to make a thin film of polytetrafluoroethylene(this polymer is also known as Teflon). The film was porous and showed hydrophobic properties. Its pores are small enough not to let water drops pass, but at the same time they are large enough to let water vapor pass. Thus, when using the film, it became possible to make waterproof shoes and clothes.

    Fabric with Gore-Tex Technology

    However, when using such a film in clothing, it is necessary to make a two-layer or even three-layer material. To strengthen the film, it must be glued to a denser matter - usually an outer layer for protection and a lining are added to it. Naturally, such a design worsens the membrane properties of the film and makes clothes heavier and denser.

    The uniqueness of the invention from Voormi lies in the fact that their film does not need such protection. They feed the material into a knitting machine that creates a woolen fabric by piercing the film with threads. Know-how allows the material not only to maintain membrane properties after such a process, but also to adjust the properties of the film, changing it for use in different climates - from cold and dry to hot and humid.

    So far, a small company produces a small assortment of clothing (a jacket from new material costs $ 400), but they plan to license the technology for use by large manufacturers of clothing for sports and tourism.

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