Radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUP 3.0: reviews of the first pilots

    Recently , a review of the radio-controlled paper airplane PowerUP 3.0 was published on Habré (or rather, a set of parts that allow you to turn a paper airplane into a radio-controlled one, moreover, the airplane is able to stay in the air for about 10 minutes). Many liked PowerUp 3.0 because of the originality of its idea. And this is not a concept, but a very real project, and the author has already shipped the first batch of PowerUP 3.0, which got to the first owners, but there were a lot of them.

    In general, many have already played enough by airplane; accordingly, comments, suggestions and comments about the advantages and disadvantages of the system began to arrive. I think it’s worthwhile to state all this in a new small review, since the experience of the current owners will help new owners to work with PowerUP 3.0 without any problems. There are many nuances, some relate to paper, some relate to applications for controlling an airplane, and others relate to wireless modules.

    The new post can be considered an addition to the official instructions, and this addition is written by a whole community of PowerUP 3.0 users. Information crowdfunding cannot be called otherwise.

    As mentioned above, all new materials are divided into categories:
    • Paper, airplane design;
    • Battery and energy;
    • Wireless modules;
    • The application for the smartphone.

    Paper, airplane design

    Apparently, an airplane created on the basis of the free Nakamuru template flies better than the one that comes with the kit.

    This may seem obvious, but as it turned out, PowerUP 3.0 users do not always understand that its aerodynamic characteristics depend on how accurately the airplane is made of paper. Like in childhood: the airplane crookedly folded, and it flew nose down. The paper should be flat, the design should be symmetrical.

    No matter how you fold the airplane, each new one will differ in something from the previous one. Some will be demolished to the right, some - to the left, the third will fly perfectly. There is advice to punch paper with a hole punch, in key places - as far as you can judge, it improves flight performance.

    If the paper wrinkles during operation, then the airplane no longer flies as well as at the very beginning. In addition, it is advisable to use paper more densely, although ordinary office paper is quite suitable. At the same time, the airplane can withstand about half an hour of flights, after which (due to falls, paper deformation) you need to fold a new one.

    It is worth making slightly softer folds at the front edge of the wing, the wing will be stiffer and better able to withstand flights. In addition, after the final edging, when it is time to fold the wings, turn the central fold over. Now additional layers of paper will be on the leading edge below the wing, and not on the top. Then fold the wings and the ends of the wings as described in the instructions.

    Battery and energy

    The battery lasts for a large number of short flights, despite the stated time of 10 minutes of continuous operation. In addition, the good news is that charging the airplane takes only about 20 minutes - you can purchase an external power supply, and play all day.

    The on / off button is not the most convenient - it’s difficult to press it, due to the small size of the button.

    In the event of a fall and a strong impact on the ground, the airplane turns off, so you need to turn it on again. Many users immediately thought that the airplane was out of order, in fact it was a “feature, not a bug”.

    In addition, when charging an airplane, you need to turn it on.

    WiFi and Bluetooth

    The airplane is controlled from the smartphone app via Bluetooth, but some owners say that the airplane works better if you turn off WiFi, leaving only Bluetooth. What it is connected with is unknown.

    It is best to go after the airplane in the control process, so you can control the device for a longer time, until it leaves the range of the wireless signal. Well, and the approximate radius is 30 meters, although about 55 is indicated. True, with the removal of the airplane begins to react worse to control.


    Soon, an updated application will be released that will allow you to control two airplanes in a timely manner, arranging competitions between separate "aircraft".

    Sometimes the application crashes, although not at all.

    Well, finally, without exception, owners of airplanes note that if you launch them in a crowded place, the operator will immediately become the center of attention for everyone. Both children and adults surround the “pilot” and are asked to steer. So get ready to feel like a star.

    Price and order

    The main set can be ordered in Russia from Medgadgets for 1900 rubles.

    Or you can order such a kit from the developer . Prices for the main set and additional (from the developer) can be looked here:

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