Star Citizen: Until September 5, the game is available to everyone

    2 years ago on Habré already wrote about the crowdfunding project Star Citizen .
    Star Citizen is a computer simulation game in the genre of space simulator for PC.
    On August 26, 2014, the game raised as much as 52 million dollars .

    The developers of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation make it possible to test the alpha of the game until September 5, for this it is necessary:

    Register on the game’s website , confirm registration, go here and enter the DRAGONFLIGHT2K14 promo code.

    PS Registration on the site for some reason does not work through a number of browsers, I only succeeded through Opera, from a friend through Safari. The client weighs ~ 13 gigabytes and, in view of the server load, the download speed, alas, is very small.

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