Rospotrebnadzor is going to regulate the physical parameters of electronics


    According to scarce and not particularly confirmed information, Rospotrebnadzor is going to regulate the requirements for gadgets. The main idea: children do not let go of tablet-phones-readers from their hands, and their school eyesight is already damaged. In the preliminary list of regulated parameters, font, brightness and frequency of flickering of the screen. At the same time, Soviet standards are still valid for 30 minutes of a computer per week and not earlier than five years. Of course, the legislation would not hurt to update. Modern screens are clearly less harmful than Electronics MC6105 with a scan of 50 Hz. But I won’t continue further, everyone already knows and understands everything.

    When I read this news, I immediately remembered the Son Ericsson T230 phone. It was like that in the early 2000s. There was the most disgusting screen I have ever seen, with viewing angles of 20 degrees and with a clearly visible inter-pixel grid. I really want to protect from such a screen, but the buyer can quite cope with it on his own. I will not even discuss the possibilities and adequacy of the implementation, everyone will think up to the best of their imagination. But after the introduction of the norms, it will be possible to reasonably answer the argument “fonts are organic waste”: “Rospotrebnadzor approved, fonts are excellent!”

    PS While I was looking for an illustration for the post, I came across this page: The encoding is displayed incorrectly, at the sight of this, not always warm memories came over the era of Web 1.0. Is this a sufficient threat to health to protect users from this?


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