New Microsoft Update KB2993651 May Also Call BSOD

    The new Microsoft update, number KB2993651, which replaces the notorious KB2982791 calling BSOD, is also unsafe for many users !

    The sensational KB2982791, oddly enough, worked fine for me, but from harm's way I removed it all the same. And KB2993651, arriving this morning, designed to replace the faulty fellow, called BSOD in ntoskrnl after 10 minutes of operation. You can delete it through system recovery, through a checkpoint.
    Googling found a German user who also crashes BSOD after this update, so I think soon there will be more noise. My system is Windows 7 x64. In general, I strongly recommend delaying the installation of this update!

    PS It’s better to do this in the Windows update settings like this:

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