Samsung Launches Mass Production of Industry's First 3D TSV DDR4 Memory Modules

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    Yesterday, Samsung Electronics announced the start of mass production of the industry's first 64GB DDR4 standard RDIMM memory. The new modules consist of 36 DDR4 DRAM chips, each of which, in turn, consists of four 4 Gbit DDR4 DRAM crystals. The chips are characterized by low power consumption and are manufactured using the advanced process technology of the 20 nm class. Microchips are assembled into a single stack using the latest through crystal bonding technique called TSV (Through Silicon Via). The new high-density modules will play a key role in the further development of the corporate server and cloud applications segment, as well as in the diversification of data center solutions.

    The launch of mass production of 3D TSV modules marks the beginning of a new milestone in the history of memory technology; Recall that the last important development of Samsung in this area was the flash memory 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND), first introduced last year. While 3D V-NAND technology is based on the high vertical structures of cell arrays inside a monolithic crystal, 3D TSV is an innovative technology for building packages that allows you to interconnect vertical layers of crystals.

    To create the 3D TSV DRAM package, DDR4 crystals are ground to a thickness of several tens of microns, after which hundreds of tiny holes are made in the crystals. They are vertically connected to each other by means of electrodes that are passed through these holes. As a result, the new 3D TSV module has twice the performance and half the power consumption compared to the module built on the basis of a wired strapping of crystals.

    In the near future, Samsung plans to interconnect more than four DDR4 crystals using 3D TSV technology to create higher-density DRAM modules. This will accelerate the expansion of solutions for the premium memory market and, accordingly, the transition from DDR3 memory to DDR4 memory in the server market.

    Samsung has been working hard to improve 3D TSV technology since 2010, when 8 GB DRAMM 40 nm class modules were first developed. This year, Samsung began to use the new TSV package production system, designed for mass production of new server modules.

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