EU bans some e-commerce tricks

    Some time ago, EU human rights defenders managed to enact the Consumer Rights Directive , a consumer protection law that recently extended to the UK. The law takes some dirty methods that have been used in electronic commerce before out of the legal field.

    Firstly, it is forbidden to discreetly put goods into the buyer's basket. When buying a ticket, there should not be any insurance or any other goods in the basket.

    Secondly, it is forbidden to change the cost of goods in the basket after purchase, for example, adding tax, shipping costs or subscribing to the service. All additional options should be clearly shown before purchase, indicating their cost.

    Even if the exact cost of the service is not known at the preliminary stage, the store must inform the buyer in advance about the presence of an additional margin.

    Stores do not have the right to take “transaction processing cost” more than it actually amounts to. So ticket sales for 2 euros with transaction processing costs of 50 euros will be a thing of the past.

    The ban includes the forced extension of the service at the end of the trial period if it is carried out discreetly and unpredictably for the buyer.

    The new law replaced the outdated consumer protection law of 1997, which did not take into account the realities of e-commerce at all.

    Unfortunately, the law does not take into account absolutely all the methods used by dishonest merchants. Experts also warn that due to insufficient informing industry representatives about changes in legislation, some users may specifically search for online stores that use prohibited methods, order goods there, and then return money back. Some of these sites are listed on this page .

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