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Probably, many people know that August 25 is the birthday of Linux. It is today, 23 years ago, that Linus Torvalds sent his famous letter . On this significant day, I would like to please the Russian-speaking community with a translation of a selection of quotes, which, as it turned out, to this day did not exist in full.
Under the cut - a storehouse of wisdom, sarcasm, irony and schools of translation. Welcome!

50. Now I am engaged in development for Linux, I used to write under DOS.
Switching from DOS to Linux is like moving from a glider to an F117 fighter.
- Lawrence Foard,

49. Beware of the Gates of Hell. Switch to Linux.
[pp: (Bill) Gates of Hell]
- Unknown source

48. I started DOOM in the last couple of days more often than in the last few months. I love to debut ;-)
- Linus Torvalds

47. By God, it seems, Linux is really the best invention of mankind after sliced ​​bread!
- Vance Petree, Virginia Power

46. ​​Linux is a great adventure for lovers of midnight hacking (and / or dialogue with the Lord).
- Matt Welsh

45. Linux is deprecated.
- Andrew Tanenbaum

44. You are a professor and researcher. This damn well explains some of the tough points in minix.
- Linus Torvalds to Andrew Tanenbaum

43. I continue to believe that the development of a monolithic core in 1991 is a fundamental mistake. Rejoice that you are not studying from me - otherwise a high score would not have shone for you :-)
- Andrew Tanenbaum to Linus Torvalds

42. We all know that Linux is great ... It runs endless cycles in 5 seconds.
- Linus Torvalds about Linux excellence on Amsterdam Linux Symposium

41. People disagree with me. I ignore them.
- Linus Torvalds, on the use of C ++ in the Linux

40 kernel . Many people think that a fat penguin does not really reflect the grace of Linux. As I understand it, they never saw an embittered penguin rushing at them at speeds below 100 mph - otherwise they would choose their expressions more carefully.
- Linus Torvalds, in the announcement of Linux v2.0

39. Are there any reasons to use Linux instead of BSD besides the cool name?
- Unknown source

38. How do I know if this works or not? There are beta testers for this. I just messed it up.
- Attributed to Linus Torvalds, somewhere in open correspondence)

37. Solving problems under Linux was never as fun as under AIX.
- Pete Ehlke on comp.unix.aix

36. And anyway, Slackware sounds a lot cooler than Microsoft, isn't it?
- Patrick Volkerding

35. And the next time you decide to complain that when you start Lucid Emacs 19.05 via NFS on a remote Linux machine in Paraguay, you have some kind of background color - you will know who to thank.
- Matt Welsh

34. The Deep Hacking mode is that mysterious and frightening state of consciousness where Simple Mortal Users are afraid to step.
- Matt Welsh

33. * Sigh * I prefer to think that Linux lovers are so eager to be at the forefront of progress that they fall from this edge into the abyss.
- Craig E. Groeschel

32. Concerned by the growing popularity of Linux, the free 32-bit operating system for Intel, Microsoft has hired high-profile programmers from the underground virus development world. As Bill Gates said yesterday, “World domination, and quickly either we or Linus!” There were no comments from Mr. Torvalds.
- (Robert Manners), at comp.os.linux.setup

31. Who wants to remember that super-edit-debug-compile mode is triggered by escape-x-alt-control-left shift-b?
- From a discussion of the intuitiveness of commands, especially in Emacs, on comp.os.linux.misc

30. This is a plane! This is a bird! No, this is KernelMan - hurries to help faster than a bullet! New kernel versions every 5 seconds!
- Linus Torvalds, announcing the kernel version 1.3.27

29. Those who do not understand Linux are doomed to recreate it. Only worse.
- Unknown source

28. How does it turn off?
- Linus Torvalds, updating, after several months of uninterrupted computer operation

27. I came to the conclusion that using VMS is like hammering a nail with your forehead: of course, something will work out over time, but always at the cost of a headache and loss of blood.
- Sean A. Simpson

26. ... using Linux is like living in a house with a large family of carpenters and architects. Every morning, when you wake up, your house looks a little different. A new turret appears, the wall moves half a meter. Or someone for a while cleans the floor from under your bed.
- Rob Riggs, in .sig

25. If Bill Gates is the devil, then Linus Torvalds is the messiah.
- Unknown source

24. LILO, I'm on your knees in front of you!
- David Black,, with apologies to Derek and the Dominos and Werner Almsberger

23. Anyone can design a fast processor. The trick is to design a fast system.
- Seymour Cray

22. Of course, no one forbids using symlinks ... Then syslogd will be a symlink on syslogp, and ftpd and ircd will be associated with ftpp and ircp ... And, of course, where without the final protocol penguin?
- Kevin M. Bealer about the new Linux

21 logo . A multi-threaded file system is nothing more than a performance hack.
- Andrew Tanenbaum to Linus Torvalds

20. I did this because I was plodding on Linux, not because I got paid for it.
- Dave '-ddt-> `Taylor, announcing DOOM under Linux

19. This message was presented to you with the support of Linux, free Unix.
Windows without X is how to have sex alone.
Apples were a problem back in Eden.
Linux is a way to get rid of viruses at startup.
-, MaDsen Wikholm

18. Keep in mind that the killall name command may not have the expected effect on systems other than Linux, especially under an account with elevated privileges.
- From killall

17. Backup to tape - for wimps! _Real_ men pour important things on ftp and wait for them to disperse all over the Internet.
- Linus Torvalds

16. Linux is not a user friendly. He is USER-friendly. He's not an ignorant friend or an idiot friend.
- Unknown source

15. When you say: “I wrote a program from which Windows crashed”, people stupidly look at you and say: “Hey, but I have such bundled with the OS, * free *”.
- Linus Torvalds

14. Want to travel around the world and speak at a bunch of different conferences - just write Linux.
- Linus Torvalds

13. Linux users - are they like lemmings, a crowd jumping from a steep cliff of reliable, well-designed commercial software?
- Matt Welsh

12. Linux - operating system with CLUE ... Command Line User Environment.
[pp: CLUE here: basic, key idea]
- From somewhere in

11. You see, to write a system like Linux, it’s not enough to be a good programmer. You still have to be a cunning bastard.
- Linus Torvalds

10. What do you do if the documentation either does not answer the right question or is it obviously incorrect? On Linux, you say “Linux is crap!” And you start digging into the source. On Windows, you say “Windows - shit!” And start banging your head against the wall.
- Denis Vlasenko about lkml

9. ... so you can forget about the celebration of the new year and sit all night in front of the computer, delving into a new-and-improved version of the kernel.
- Linus Torvalds

8. Linux hackers are fun people. They measure time with versions of patches.
- Rob Riggs, in .sig

7. Linux: GNU Generation Choice
- printed it on T-shirts in '93

. Just not me, guys. Every day I read the Bash manual, as Jehovah's Witnesses read the Bible. Wait a minute, the Bash manual AND THERE IS A BIBLE. I apologize ...
- With comp.os.linux.misc

5. What does this script do?
unzip; touch finger mount; gasp; yes; umount; sleep
Hint: not everything in the world is tied to computers. It happens that you are lying in a sleeping bag in a tent next to your girlfriend ...
- Frans van der Zande

4. “I am an idiot. At least this bug was found in 5 minutes ... "- Of course, Linus talks about the degree of idiocy that many aspire to achieve :-)
- Bruce Perens in response to a letter from Linus Torvalds about a bug in the kernel

One OS, to rule them all
One OS to find them,
One OS to collect them
And in salvation to tie them.
In the bright land of Linux,
Where hackers frolic.
- J. Scott Thayer, with an apology to JRRT)

2. ... Linux philosophy: “Laugh in the face of danger!” Stop, not that! "Do it yourself!". Here.
- Linus Torvalds

1. We use Linux every day, and our productivity has gone up! So you would go ..!
- Joe Sloan, Pat Paulsen phrase adaptation.

Found a translation error? Feel free to poke me in her face. Let's make this translation better and more enjoyable - just in the spirit of Linux and all free software!

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