The authorities of Delaware have legalized the inheritance of accounts on social networks

    Last week , the state governor signed into law 345 , which gives the virtual accounts and digital devices of the deceased the same status as his usual documents and property - i.e. the ability to inherit.

    The law is based on the draft Uniform Law Commission, a nonprofit organization advocating for the unification of laws in all US states.

    So instead of a casket with grandmother's photos, future heirs will be able to get albums on Vkontakte. Including closed ones too - and this is the question: what to do with that content, including, for example, correspondence that grandmother would not want her grandchildren to see? Anton Nosik spoke very caustically on this subject.comparing Delaware law with the latest State Duma initiatives. In particular, he went over the topic that relations with deceased users are already spelled out in user agreements of services. Moreover, their policy is radically different from the newly adopted law: take, for example, the case from 2004, when Yahoo rejected the request of the family of the deceased marine for access to his mailbox. The good news is that the jurisdiction of the law extends only to state residents, and does not apply to Internet companies, most of which are located in California.

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