HTC One M8 with WP 8.1 consumes battery more economically than Android version

    HTC has shown a good example of ingenuity and the search for additional ways to increase sales of its flagship smartphones. In particular, the last HTC One M8 - in New York last night, the company introduced a version of the top model in variation with Windows Phone 8.1. Compared with the Android version, there are no special differences (about autonomy - later), with one exception - the novelty will be sold only in the version with 32 GB of memory.

    While the WP-smartphone will be sold only on the basis of a contract with the American operator Verizon, that is, in an exclusive manner.

    However, the “monopoly” will not last forever; they have already found out from the head of HTC in the Americas Jason Mackenzie: later this year, other operators will also have a model. On the other hand, there were no encouraging updates on sales outside the United States.

    Jason at the same time called the event landmark - they say, it’s worth it to offer the same device on different operating systems, managing to avoid compromises. The promotional price of the device is $ 100, the model is compatible with all accessories of the “original”, including the HTC Dot View case.

    In addition to introducing variety in such an unusual way, HTC has thrown another curious reason for discussion. As it turned out, the claimed autonomy of versions with WP and Android varies - if the variation based on the Microsoft system allows you to talk on your smartphone for 22 hours, then with Android you can count on a maximum of 20 hours. There is a difference in standby time, 528 hours versus 496 hours.

    Meanwhile, GSMArena reviewers have already shared their impressions of the WP version. The material can be read here . I also give a short video review of their authorship.

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