Fly6: HD DVR and LED bike light in one housing

    Apparently, there are a lot of cyclists on Habré, so this short review is devoted to a very useful gadget for cyclists. This is a Fly6 device, which is both an LED flashlight and a DVR.

    Fly6 is specially made clearly visible, and the body of the device is painted red. According to the plan, the motorist, seeing the DVR directed at him, will behave more carefully than usual. In addition, bright LEDs should play their role.

    What can Fly6 do?

    Let's start with the camera. HD-camera allows you to record the corresponding video quality (720p with a resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels, 30fps). You can write and sound, (16 bit / 32 kHz, mono). For video storage, there is a microSD card, a volume of 8 GB is enough for 2 hours of video. As soon as there is no more space, there is a new record, on top of the old file.

    The camera lens provides a 130-degree view, which is enough for road conditions. The case of the device is waterproof, so you can ride in the rain, there is no problem, there would be a desire :)

    The brightness of the LED light system is 15 lumens. At the same time, the LEDs can work in various modes, attracting the attention of motorists.

    Of course, the camera can be used not for roads, but during bike races somewhere in nature, for example, in the mountains. In this case, the video will remain as a documentary.

    The battery of the device lasts for 5 hours of continuous operation Fly6, the device is charging through the miniUSB port.

    Delivered Fly6 - ready for a ride!


    • 720p High Definition Wide Angle Video Recording + Audio Recording
    • Weather protection with nano technology
    • High brightness taillight
    • Lithium ion battery
    • USB Charging
    • The battery charge is designed for 5 hours of video recording, plus lighting
    • Loop recording for easy and convenient use
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Weight -105 g; Length - 100 mm
    • Comes with a microSD card 8GB class 10

    Price and order

    You can order from the manufacturer at a price of $ 159.

    In Russia, you can buy Fly6 from Medgadgets .

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