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    In the DIY hub there are already several publications on the manufacture of virtual reality glasses. I will join.

    Maybe someone read my sandbox post about an electrified rocking chair . In that article, I expressed a desire to cross the resulting device with virtual reality glasses. Oddly enough, everything did not stop at expressing desire. Of course, I would prefer to use the Oculus Rift, but this is too much of a blow to the budget of a provincial loader, especially a blow not delivered to Ukraine. In addition, informed people say that it’s useless to look for this wonderful device in our “metropolis”. Well, I’ll take out a classic loaf of brown bread, a screwdriver and a thread from a box, and together we’ll look at a lot of photos of what you can get from this.

    Design times

    Prior to studying the topic, it seemed to me that such a device should have complex optics that cannot be realized at home, but Google dispelled these fears. It turns out that in order to spoil your vision, a pair of lenses from the stationery store is enough. In this implementation, biconvex lenses with an external diameter of 54 mm are used. The package howled indicated an increase of 10x, the price is about $ 1 apiece.

    I literally glued the first version about half a year ago. Just to see if you can see the stereo effect. This freak looked something like this:

    Construction two

    The effect was manifested, but literally in a couple of android demos, the rest did not allow you to configure the inter-eye IPD , which is important for the 7 'screen. In addition, in my case, it is not necessary to launch applications on the tablet, but to stream the image from the computer that drives the electric table. In these matters, I could not achieve tangible progress, so the super-technological glasses of virtual reality were abandoned gathering dust on the cabinet. But having read the above materials from Habr, I decided to kick the corpse a little more. I liked the idea of PlazmX to use an industrial case in a tool box from a device . But I decided it was easier and better to use a food container:
    • it should be easier;
    • the range of containers is very extensive, it is easier to find the right one in size.
    I stocked up with a suitable container, spending $ 1.5 on this.

    After the experience of using the first design, I remained firmly convinced that rubbing my face against a cardboard brick is not very convenient, so I bought these safety glasses in a hardware store for $ 1 (I don’t know where I got the second). I didn’t like the greens less, and I subjected them to vivisection.

    He drilled a hole with a core drill in glasses, a container, and in general in everything that he could reach. He uncovered the snot, not sparing the contents, glued the lens into place, and glued all the structural elements together.
    Process photos

    Got the following:

    I’m probably adding too many photos, but since the film is still used, do not disappear

    The most attentive readers probably noticed that the source of the material for the very first design was a box from the same screwdriver with which I drilled holes for the lenses. I believe this is a sign. It remains to find out what it means.


    -Girl, here you are bald, how does a bow hold on your head?
    -How they nailed it

    Strange, but the accelerometer does not work in the tablet from birth. Despite the fact that the auto-rotate screen works, some (all?) Applications do not see the accelerometer. I read somewhere that for auto-rotation, Eastern friends sometimes put something like a pendulum. I do not know whether this is the reason or not, not the desire to dig. Because of this, and also because I was already dealing with FreeTrack , I used it. Another nice bonus is that this software is natively supported in the car simulator I use.
    FreeTrack determines the position of the head by three points. To work, you need a webcam aimed at three contrasting markers: for example, LEDs nailed to the head. As a more humane option - to the cap. In the normal (average) position of the head, the markers should not be on the same vertical plane (at this point in this implementation of the glasses I fails). It is better to use LEDs as markers, but you can also use retro-reflectors. I used infrared LEDs. To provide power to the LEDs, we had to modify the microUSB-OTG cable. For this, two power wires were additionally withdrawn from the cable, to which three LEDs were connected in series through a current-limiting resistor. As planned, the functionality of the cable should have been preserved.
    I also had to modify the camera by removing the IR filter from it. After that, it is desirable to use a visible spectrum filter on the camera. In this quality, the fully-illuminated color film (with a black and white feint I didn’t get through) works great, if someone else remembers how it looks.

    The next version of the bike is assembled, but the wheels were square.Everything turned out not so wonderful as seen from the mountain. The device is assembled, tested, but it turned out to be too heavy, too big, it was uncomfortable to open, and by tradition I did not guess a bit with the focal length. The main reason for these stocks was the poor container selection. My tablet is a little asymmetric, which is why I had to take a larger container, also the depth of the container suddenly turned out to be less than necessary, but this issue was partially resolved using an additional insert (a piece of white plastic lining in the construction). In addition, I incorrectly screwed the head tracker, setting all the LEDs on the same vertical plane.

    Design two. One

    Having suffered a couple of days, I decided to change the design and buy another container, with convenient latches, a little deeper and larger. I bought it, and then it suddenly dawned on me that it was decently heavier. Fail. Inglouriously spent another $ 2. Well, at least I didn’t manage to dismantle it.

    You probably thought that since I already described the manufacture of two and a half points, this will end, I will calm down, and you will start reading the comments ?! Not so simple.

    Construction three

    In the next fit of design, I decided to repeat my first attempt and build a makeshift corrugated cardboard case. It would be possible to use more technologically advanced material, but such was not at hand. The following box agreed to play the role of the donor

    : I

    cut , glue: I fasten the gum fasteners from a piece of tin that turned up under my arm:

    As you know, having one marker, you can paint everything except the very marker. And having two markers, you can paint everything at all. So, in principle, I had the opportunity to paint everything in two layers, but I limited myself to only a few surfaces of the glasses.

    I get:

    We replace the mutilated container with a freshly assembled cardboard construction. Change to the correct location of the tracker LEDs.
    Last option at the moment:

    About software, probably I will write a separate article. In principle, everything works, but crookedly. Even I already shot a video , but it is necessary to finish the piece of iron to a sane state.

    And if suddenly someone decides to repeat, I will quote the warning of Meklon :
    The only thing I want to say to those who will repeat is that homemade products are very different in accuracy from factory production. The result of errors will be a severe spasm of accommodation and overwork with prolonged use.

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