Znakomstvo semey.rf - service for the formation of a circle of communication between their children

    Greetings. I want to promote my fresh startup on parenting topics. In short, the goal of the project is for responsible parents to find each other and create a social circle for their children, because it’s not the best social environment around and it is better for raised children to hold on to each other so as not to dissolve in this environment. But this is ideal, but for now it is not clear what will come of it. You can tell me supposedly who needs this dude ?! Well, at least to me - that's how the project idea came about. But I understand your concerns, therefore I am ready for a different outcome, including a complete failure. There is always a risk when you offer a new service to society. It's okay, let's see what happens.



    The service is a map with family marks, specialized profiles, and this is also spiced up with the community component, and with its casual chips.

    Everyone has heard and knows a lot about technical chips with a Google map, so there is nothing to tell especially. We prepared for a large number of users: Clustering labels available; Tags are loaded only for the selected city. Therefore, tens of thousands of users on the map should not be a problem. Rather, it may turn out that they even appeared on the site :)



    Of the technically interesting, perhaps I’ll tell you about a dual profile. There are no profiles of individuals on the site - we have all family profiles. From here, there are some interesting details - for example, the ability to switch from one family member to another in comments, posts or private messages - this will be useful if the family uses one Internet access point. The family has a common PM, a common list of awards (more on this later), in general, all for two. Perhaps the curious thing is that the wife and husband have separate usernames and passwords for entering their family profile.


    Here it is worth saying about interests. Each family can indicate its relationship to different interests. This is mainly done in order to avoid conflicts. Indeed, in creating a social circle for their children, it is important that parents have a good relationship. {irony} Well, in fact, all this is needed only to distinguish a padded jacket from Svidomo. {irony}



    Just a map and profiles do not promise a lot of traffic, and generally run the risk of bending if users do not keep something on the site. I tried to make the community simple and interesting. Less nesting levels, more casual chips.

    Rewards, Levels, and Community Points


    And the most interesting, and probably even the only thing that has novelty in our community compared to others is the system of rewards and community points. The site has an internal currency - it is not connected with real money in any way - Community points. Each family receives several points every day, depending on the level - there are also levels. And for these same points, he can award awards to posts, photos, profiles, or simply put pluses. Perhaps in the future, for community points, it will be possible to receive some additional site services, and their purchase will be an additional source of monetization. But so far no real money - all this works only for fun.

    There are 30 types of awards on the site, not counting the awards in photo contests. In the future, this opens up opportunities for compiling a variety of tops of posts and photos in the sense laid down in various awards.

    Photo Contests


    Everything is simple here. There is a contest of the current month - photos collect their awards. The Community level pops up right away - those families that have more community points can have a greater impact on the position of the photo in the ranking. Of course, you can’t vote for your photos.

    At the same time, at the same time, a set of photos for the competition of the next month. Each photo is moderated, the results of which families are notified in private messages.

    The family that posted the winning photo receives a unique award in the profile, which is drawn for each competition separately, as well as the constant “rotation” of the photo in the list of winning photos in the footer of the page and on a separate page of the photo contest. For the second and third places, special awards are also provided.


    The nearest monetization plans include only a couple of advertising banners. Parent audience is considered to be of high enough quality, so the money can be quite good - but it all depends on attendance, of course. There are many direct sponsors in this industry, with whom, I hope, it will be possible to agree with the sufficient popularity of the site. In the long term, the possibility of buying community points and expanding ways to spend them.


    I want to say a separate word about privacy. Disclosing your place of residence is an extreme degree of publicity on the network. All that I could do to reduce the vulnerability of people - I, it seems, did. When placing their place of residence, each user is advised not to indicate their exact place of residence, but to indicate an approximate place within the district. User profiles are not available for unauthorized users and, accordingly, search engines. When filling out personal information, we do not ask you to enter your last name, emphasizing separately that in addition to the first name, the user can not enter anything. Or enter only the name and nickname, for example.

    I express my gratitude to the project programmer Vladimir Zhukov .

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