Smartwatch Moto360 lit up in BestBuy prices with a price of $ 249.99

    The event, which many fans of modern technology are looking forward to, will happen soon.
    Last week , 4 clips appeared on the GoogleMobile channel with a new advertisement for the most anticipated smartwatch to date - Moto360. Then Motorola hinted at a big event that will take place on September 4th and, apparently, at which, in addition to the watches themselves, a new generation of Moto X, Moto G phones and possibly a new kind of wearable electronics - smart headphones (will be ordinary).

    Today, the watch appeared on the BestBuy website, but then the page became inaccessible. But this did not stop the dispersal of information throughout the Internet. Details under the cut (large photos).

    A little earlier, detailed photos of the watch along with wireless charging already appeared on the network.

    More photos here .

    So, on the BestBuy website, in addition to the most important thing, the technical specifications also published prices of $ 249.99:
    Physical dimensions: 1.8 "x 1.8" x 0.4 "
    • Weight: 2.1 ounces
    • Case: Stainless steal w / plastic back
    • Band: Horween leather band with metal latch
    • Processor: Texas Instruments
    • RAM: 512MB
    • Display: 1.5 "diagonal LCD, 320 x 290
    • Sensors: Pedometer, Heart rate, Ambient light
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n
    • Waterproof to 3.3ft

    The Wi-Fi support looks strange here, maybe this is a mistake.
    Screenshots of the village that was deleted:

    Although many people don’t need a smartwatch at all and cannot find a reason to buy a smartwatch, I got used to Pebble very much and use it every day from morning to evening, which I already wrote about .Notifier, where the necessary notifications are poured and which you can immediately do “Mark as read”, and not just “Dismiss”; phone control (turn on / off the sound, turn off data transfer, Wi-Fi, etc.); actually an alarm clock that vibrates on the hand and does not wake up the wife and small child who are sleeping nearby; launch a YouTube playlist with cartoons or music for a child on the Chromecast with a couple of hours of button presses and playback control; phone search; Showing notes and shopping lists, including from Google Keep; navigation; reply of a previously created SMS (at a meeting / driving / I will call back later) when resetting a call, etc.

    The Android Wear platform provides even more options in terms of customization and information output. Portuguese developer of plug-ins for Tasker João Dias has already announced plans for the release of AutoWear.

    Already now, with the help of Google Now voice search and a bunch of Tasker + AutoVoice + AutoRemote on the released LG and Samsung devices, you can control your smart home.

    UPD: This page has not yet been removed from the site.

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